WIP Wednesday: Geese in the Forest Quilt

I’m still busy working on my long-time unfinished projects.  I really want to get them all done before starting anything new (ha-ha).

I’ve been slowly quilting my Twiddletails “Geese in the Forest” Quilt.  I first blogged about this quilt on April 21st, 2010, so I think it’s time to finish it, already! It’s going to feel like quite an accomplishment once it is done.

It was my very first experience with paper-piecing and I used all vintage bed linens for the geese.  The background is supposed to be all Kona White, but I accidentally mixed some Kona Snow in there, so now it’s an artistic choice (at least, that’s my story!).

photo 2

I’m doing wavy lines with my walking foot all over the quilt.  I am in LOVE with this type of quilting right now, and I can’t wait to see how it looks once it’s all washed and crinkled.  I originally started off hand-quilting bishop’s fans, but after the quilt sat in a bag for 6 months, I realized I would NEVER finish it and that I should just do machine quilting.  It has a lot of layers and seams too, so it’s not the easiest thing to sew through (even on my machine).  I saw this quilt on flickr and I knew THAT was the quilting that I wanted to do.

photo 3

I’m really hoping to be posting this as a finish next week!


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32 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Geese in the Forest Quilt

  1. It’s beautiful Janice. Did you mark all the quilting lines first? Love the use of vintage bed linen – I am slowly building up my little stash of vintage!

  2. I love the quilting – the soft waves undulating through are calming and make you trace your eye along them. I love the quilt top too! It reminds me of forests and mountains 🙂

  3. That quilting choice was most definitely inspired! The quilt top is beautiful, and it looks like it will be a stunning quilt once finished. Congrats on nearing the finish line!!

  4. I fell in love with this the first time I saw it and, now, with the quilting—–awesome!!! Yes, with all those seams, the machine is the way to go….smart girl. Blessings, Doreen

  5. I love the look of vintage sheets in a quilt, I only have one so far but am going to the car boot sale in the morning and who knows what i’ll find! Lovely pattern on the quilt too :o)

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