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I was not at Quiltcon this past week (sniff, sniff), but a few of my quilts were. At least some part of me attended (The blood, sweat and tears part!).


My “Over The Rainbow” mini quilt was part of the Quiltcon show and I entered it under the “Modern Miniature” category (No, it didn’t win.)

photo from Stashbooks instagram
photo from Stashbooks instagram

Are you sick of this quilt yet?? This is actually NOT the same quilt that I’ve been showing on my blog the past few months.  I made a duplicate for Quiltcon (and for me to keep!).  Yes, I am THAT crazy!

The information card that hung with my quilt.

photo courtesy Melissa Richie
photo courtesy Melissa Richie


I also had three quilts in the Robert Kaufman booth:


This was the first quilt I ever pieced and quilted for Robert Kaufman.  It originally appeared at Fall Quilt Market, but I was happy to see it make a reappearance for Quiltcon!

The pattern is “Straight and Narrow” by Daniela Stout and the fabrics are all Kona Cottons.

photo from Allie Heath’s instagram

These two quilts were pieced by Ramona Burke and quilted me.

photo courtesy Alison Schmidt

The first one is a pattern by Jaybird Quilts called “Wonton” and the fabric is Modern Bliss by Andie Hanna.  I quilted an all over flower pattern on it to mirror the floral in the fabric  and add texture, without detracting from the pattern.  I sadly, do not have a close-up.  I forgot to take photos before I sent them off.

photo courtesy Alison Schmidt

The second quilt is also a Jaybird Quilts pattern called “Science Fair” and the fabric is Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander.  I really angsted over how to quilt this one.  The original was quilted by Angela Walters and it was also hanging at Quiltcon, so I was a wee bit intimidated.

photo from Carolyn Friedlander’s instagram

I ended up doing all over wavy lines, to enhance and showcase the beautiful fabric.  I was really pleased (more like stoked!) with how this one came out and I almost ran off with it for my own.   I ended up quilting my “Geese in the Forest Quilt” the same way (look for a finished quilt post later this week!).


See you in 2015, Quiltcon!!

8 thoughts on “Quiltcon Quilts

  1. Hi Janice! Sorry you couldn’t go with your quilts. Your mini quilt is amazing! All your quilt are so beautiful and I love the one with Kona solids! Perhaps you used the same bundle like I did for my ‘Happy Days’ quilt. x Teje

  2. So sorry you couldn’t attend QuiltCon in person but your “ambassadors” did an awesome job! Your quilting is so inspiring for me……your knack for matching just the right stitching pattern to the piecing pattern is 5-star!!! Look forward to seeing your next finish! Hugs, Doreen

  3. Quilts all beautiful. Somewhere Over the Rainbow should have won! Wait, Janice, hold up! Wasn’t that for a mini-quilt swap on Flickr? So didn’t you actually make THREE of them?! That IS crazy 🙂

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