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Welcome to the first Sew Cute Tuesday at Better off Thread!  I’ve taken over the Tuesday link-up party for Misty at Creative Itch and I am very excited to be hosting.

Better Off Thread
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Each Tuesday, link-up a sewing related project you have blogged about in the last week.  Then, after you link-up, stop on by a few of the other blogs participating in the party and give them some love. Next Tuesday, I’ll feature 2-3 projects that caught my eye.

I don’t have any projects to feature this week, since, well, it’s the first week!  I’ll get the party started by showing you what I’ve been up to:


I finished this doll for my daughter ON Christmas Eve (Major procrastinator right here).  I used the Wee Wonderfuls Kit Chloe & Louise Pattern for the doll.  The dress is my own pattern and is made from a Robert Kaufman dot fabric.  Please ignore the lack of shoes.  The cobbler has been on holiday vacation (that’s me!).

This was the third Wee Wonderful doll I made. You can see the other two here and here.


I think my favorite part is the thick, wooly, yarn hair.

Sadly, my daughter wants NOTHING to do with the doll, even though she loved the other two.  She would much rather play with Lightning McQueen and Thomas the Train, like her big brother.  Kids.

It’s your turn to show off what you’ve been up to!  Link-up below:

12 Responses to Sew Cute Tuesday

  1. She is so beautiful I can’t believe she isn’t loved, but like you say. Kids!. : )

  2. What an adorable doll!!! Your daughter may yet love her. Thanks for taking over Sew Cute Tuesday.

  3. Hi Janice! I wish I had that doll, when I was a little! Thank you for hosting this great party! x Teje

  4. Such a lovely doll! Pretty soon your daughter will love it!

  5. That doll is adorable! One of these days, I plan to try making one too. Hopefully, I have something to link up later today or tomorrow.

  6. Can’t wait to get started on some new sewing projects – I’ll definitely have some finished for next week!!

  7. I was a little late doing this, but I put a post up directing anyone who hasn’t heard about the new home for ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’ over here. I’m hoping to tackle a few sewing projects in the coming weeks…it’ll be fun to link them up when I get them done!!

    I absolutely {LOVE} that doll! The little red polka dotted dress is adorable!!

  8. That doll is adorable!

  9. Thanks for taking over Misty’s party. I hope it will be fun for you! Your doll is adorable.

  10. I love the doll! She will come to appreciate it when she’s older :-)

  11. Hi Janice!
    I am so glad to be here!

  12. Hi lovely! What a gorgeous doll! I purchased the same pattern, may I ask how did you manage to make her head so round? Mine are more rectangular :S lol

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