Wee Wonderful Doll #2

Doll #2 is finished!

Wee wonderfuls kit chloe and louise doll

She went to her new home on Thanksgiving (she was a birthday gift for a little girl who turned one in August…oops).

I used the Wee Wonderfuls Kit, Chloe and Louise Pattern and I am making three dolls (I have one left to make for my daughter).

I used a thicker wool yarn for the hair this time and I used the pattern for Chloe’s dress. I love the little pintucks in the front.  I made two dresses and sewed them together to make it reversible.  I find it easier and neater looking than trying to sew teeny tiny hems.

Wee Wonderfuls Kit, Chloe and Louise Doll

I used plastic/resin snaps for the closures in the back.  They are attached with a snap press and won’t fall off and be swallowed like a button or sew-on snap.

Wee Wonderfuls Kit, Chloe and Louise Doll

I made the reverse dress as close as I could get Tiffany Blue, because my friend, Wendy, is obsessed with that color. The doll is for her daughter, but she’s only one year-old, so she can’t tell me what she likes, yet!

7 Responses to Wee Wonderful Doll #2

  1. LOVE her!!!! <3 her!!! :) Especially the brown wool hair. :)

  2. She looks so cute. I really love the thick yarn hair. Is it an easy pattern to make?

  3. So darling! I actually went and bought this pattern because of your last post! So excited to make one too :) How long do they take you? Have a wonderful holiday season!

  4. Okay, my resolve is wearing down and my Granddaughter is turning one soon too :o)

  5. Love this little doll! How clever of you, to just make the dress reversible! I think my baby girl is going to get quite a few dollies for her 2nd birthday next year.

  6. SO cute! Totally makes me wish I had a little girl around (mine is 20, somehow I don’t her playing with this…LOL)

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