One little Ragdoll

wee wonderfuls kit, Chloe, Louise Doll

Dolly number 1 of 3 is done!  This one was a gift for a friend’s daughter.  She turned 3 on Saturday.

I used the Wee Wonderfuls Kit, Chloe & Louise pattern and it was very easy to sew together.  The most labor intensive part was stuffing the doll.  My suggestion is to stuff, stuff and when you are getting ready to sew the doll shut, throw in some more stuffing.  I used a bamboo/poly fill that I purchased at Jo-Ann’s, so I’m interested to see how the bamboo settles (if her neck gets floppy!).  The doll is still squishy and huggable, but in order to get a smooth look, it really takes a lot of stuffing.

I patterned the clothing myself (the wool felt shoes are from the Wee Wonderfuls pattern) and I changed the hairstyle.

I dug into my cloth diapering supplies and used plastic resin snaps for the clothing.

See the checkered lining?

Her outfit is reversible!

Stay tuned for two little brunettes that are in the works.

10 thoughts on “One little Ragdoll

  1. How cute is she, and what a lovely outfit- it reminds me of the doll my Mum made for me when i was a little, just think how you are building happy memories for that little girl too, there is nothing like a special, home made dolly. Ange : )

  2. OH MY!! She’s so adorable! Just like Angela, this doll reminds me of a doll my Mom made for me when I was little, I took that doll everywhere with me.
    There’s going to be some very lucky girls!

  3. it turned out great! love the country style fabric and reversible idea! do you have patterns snd instructions for the outfits to share? thanks!

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