Superhero Baby Quilt

Superhero Baby Quilt from Better Off Thread

I am finally able to share this finish, since I gifted the quilt last weekend to my friend, Carrie.  She and her husband are big superhero fans, so as soon as Carrie told me she was expecting in October, I earmarked this fabric for the baby.

Superhero Baby Quilt from Better Off Thread

The fabric is Superhero by Illustration Ink for Robert Kaufman.  My friend, Ramona, gave me a pile of it last year (thank you, Ramona!), so I was very
happy to finally have the chance to put it to use.  I sashed it with leftover skinny strips (1.5″ strips).

Superhero Baby Quilt from Better Off Thread

I like to lay quilts out in Photoshop first, so here was my original layout.  I didn’t do any exact measurements.  Once I had the diagram finished, I just started cutting and sewing.

Superhero Baby Quilt from Better Off Thread

I’m still getting comfortable on my mid-arm machine, but I finally decided to try something other than a meander.  I did a puffy cloud/windy swirl design over the entire quilt.

Superhero Baby Quilt from Better Off Thread

Part of the fabric collection is a panel (I had two of them).  I used most of it on the front of the quilt, but I had two newspapers left over.  I put one on the back of the quilt and cut my leftover fabric into strips.  I want to make the other newspaper into something for Liam.  He was very excited about the quilt and such a good sport when he found out it wasn’t for him, but for “Little Liam” (Which is what he has named the baby.).

Superhero Baby Quilt from Better Off Thread

The full back of the quilt.

Superhero Baby Quilt from Better Off Thread

I *think* it measures about 52″x 62″.  I forgot to measure it!  It’s just right for laying on the floor to play with the baby.

Congrats, Carrie and Steve!

18 Responses to Superhero Baby Quilt

  1. This is beyond cool!

  2. Love!!! This is so much fun and I know it will be treasured!

  3. This quilt is just ace!!! What a lucky little babe who is going to get this cracker!

  4. I love this!!!

  5. How very fun! Mommy will love it and baby too in a couple years.

  6. This is so cute! What a lucky little trooper. Great job!

  7. Oh, I love that quilt! You made such great use of that fun fabric and I really like how you used the panel. The quilting looks great too!

  8. Such a great quilt :-)

  9. Very cool quilt for a happy mom and dad to get close with their new son! Thanks for sharing this wonderful finish with us, Janice!

  10. Hi Janice! Just super! This is beautiful, fun and cute quilt! x Teje

  11. that is adorable! I esp. love the city panorama on the top and bottom :)
    xoxo melzie

  12. Beautiful quilt! Excellent job on it!

  13. This is amazing! so cute!

  14. Amazing! Love this!

  15. I love this fabric line and your pattern shows it off so well!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  16. Love it!! What a fun quilt!

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