Tutorial: Sewing Semi-circular Curves

I’ve been asked by a few people how to sew the really tight curves on my NY Beauty Circle of Flying Geese Pattern, so I thought I would post a little tutorial to explain my process.  This tutorial will work for any semi-circular curves and all of the curves in the New York Beauty Block.

photo 1-1

First, cut out your pattern pieces, leaving 1/4″ seam allowance around the edges.

photo 3-1

Fold the pieces in half, matching up the straight edges. Finger press to create a center crease.

photo 4

Both pieces are now creased in the center.

photo 5

Pin your centers together, with the concave curve (piece B) on top.

photo 1-3

Line up your corners and edges so that they are parallel and directly on top of each other. This will give you a nice, straight edge once your pieces are sewn together.

PicMonkey Collage

In the photo on the left, the edges are directly on top of each other.  In the photo on the right, the corners are matched up, but the edges do not match.

photo 4-5

Continue pinning the edges together and gently ease any extra fabric in.  I used 5 pins, but use as many as you need!

photo 1-4

Sew your pieces together 1/4″ from the cut edge. You may need to stretch the fabric a bit as you sew. Be sure to back-tack at each end.

photo 2-3

Here are the pieces sewn together. It’s not perfection, but it will do!

photo 3-3

Gently press your seam allowance towards piece B.

PicMonkey Collage2

Back and front of the finished curve.  Note how the edges create a nice, straight line.


Are you still scared to try it?  There is another option, so that you can avoid that tiny curve all together.

photo 3-4

Trim the seam allowance off the curved edge of piece A.

photo 4-3

Tape piece A to piece B along the seam lines.

photo 5-3

Cut your fabric out from this newly merged pattern piece. At the top of this photo is the original piece and at the bottom is the simplified version.  You’ll still need to sew the other curves in your block, but you’ll avoid the smallest one.

Get sewin’ and if you have any questions, email me!

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