A Tribute to Yolanda

I have mentioned my quilting bee, “Bee Happy”, many times on here and I recently blogged about the healing quilt we made for one of our members, Yolanda, a few months ago.

I am sad to say that on October 19th, two days before her 48th birthday, Yolanda passed away.  She was diagnosed in May with Stage 4 Biliary Cancer, yet was positive and upbeat, determined to kick cancer in the butt.  Liberty, another “Bee Happy” member, wrote a beautiful and touching post about Yolanda.  I am not as good at putting my emotions and thoughts into words, but I did want to honor Yolanda in my own way, by showing you some of her work.



She always had such a great sense of color and pattern.

Yolanda was also the founder and former presdent of OCMQG and she lead various swaps on Flickr, including “The Tumbler Party“.  Tumbler Party Too has been started in her memory, if you are interested in participating.

We will miss you, Yolanda.

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