Scrappy Lone Star Tutorial: Part II

Lone Star Quilt Tutorial

Here it is!  The second part to making your very own Scrappy Lone Star!  You can find Part I here.

Lay your 8 diamond panels from Part I out, admire your work, and decide where you want each panel to go.  You can place a pin at the inner point of each panel, so you don’t accidentally sew one the wrong way.

scrappy Lone Star Quilt tutorial

Now you will need to cut 16 1″x 12″ strips out of your border fabric.

scrappy lone star quilt tutorial

Pin a 1″ strip to one side of a diamond panel and sew.

scrappy lone star quilt tutorial

Press your seam allowances towards the 1″ strip and true up the point.

scrappy lone star quilt tutorial

Next, sew a second 1″ strip to the other side of your star panel.  Press seam allowances towards strip and true up again.

scrappy lone star quilt tutorial

Your panel will now look like this.

Repeat for your other 7 panels.

Now, take your background fabric and cut 8 11″ squares.

scrappy lone star quilt tutorial

Cut each square diagonally down the middle.

Here is where it really helps to lay your star out again like the photo above.

scrappy lone star quilt tutorial

Pin the short edge of an 11″ triangle to your star panel like the photo above and sew.  Press seams open.

scrappy lone star quilt tutorial

Pin the long edge of an 11″ triangle to the other side of the panel and sew.  Press seam allowances open.

scrappy lone star quilt tutorial

Repeat with your other 7 star panels.  Be very sure to sew each triangle to the correct side of your panel.  It helps to have all your pieces laid out so you can see where each one goes.

Once you have all your triangles sewn to your panels, you will begin to sew your panels togethers.

Sew your diagonal seams first taking care to match your points.  Be careful not to stretch your seams, since they are on the bias. Press seams open.

scrappy Lone star quilt tutorial

Now you will have 4 blocks.  Sew your top blocks to your bottom blocks.  Press seams open.

scrappy Lone Star quilt tutorial

Next, sew your two halves together. Press seams open.

Look, you have a Lone Star!  Yours will looks a lot more complete than mine.

scrappy Lone Star quilt tutorial

Lastly, true up your edges, leaving at least a 1/4″ seam allowance from your points.

Congrats!  You made a Lone Star!  If you make one using this tutorial, I would love to see it.

• • •

Stay tuned, because in the near future I am going to give you a quick tutorial on how to size this Scrappy Lone Star up or down to make various sizes.


48 thoughts on “Scrappy Lone Star Tutorial: Part II

  1. Cool! I need to find the very lonely 7-pointed star my grandma made…couldn’t seem to fit the 8th point in there…and make it into one of these magnificently brilliant creations! I’m not sure I can use your 10″/8″ triangle technique, but I’m going to give it a shot!
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. This weeks project with batiks in a Halloween-y pallet of purple, black, green, & orange. Your directions make it very easy!! Thank you.

  3. I hate y seams, this tutorial is fabulous. You quilt looks great. I know you’re busy, but I am actually working on a lone star and would love to know how to size up your triangles for the sides.

  4. I’ll will definitely be making this for a friend! Love the modern take. Just wondering how to make the (partial) star bigger to look right on a queen sized quilt.

  5. Wow- I love this and this tutorial looks beautiful and do-able for a quilter like me. I’m really excited to start this! Did you ever write a post about sizing up or down the star? I would love to make one of these in lap size. I assume you could just double the measurements but then again math is not my strong point- ha! Anyway, thank you for the beautiful tutorial. 🙂

  6. I love this quilt and have been trying to make my own. Unfortunately I’ve had to put it down an awful lot throughout the process. This weekend when I went to actually devote more time to it, I found that I had miss-cut things and only have room for 6 points on my star. I’m going to try to modify your directions so I don’t have to scrap this. Hope it works, I love this! And will be making a 8 pointed one soon!

  7. Hi, I want to make the Scrappy Lone Star quilt for my son, who has a king-sized quilt. Have you posted the directions for that size? I love the way you write the directions, especially the many pictures. Thanks.

  8. Love this tutorial! Thanks! I’m a new quilter trying to get comfortable in the quilting world. One question – once you finish the star, how do you put it in quilt form? How do you attach it to the rest of the green background?


  9. this is amazing and so beautiful, this is my next quilt thank oyu so much for posting how to do this!!

  10. I’m 70% of the way through my lonestar! Getting very excited, may put in an all dayer to finish. Have you put up the directions for sizeing up and down yet?

  11. I love this! I have always wanted to make a lone star but thought it was a set-in kind of quilt! I can’t wait to try this in a patriotic color way! Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. I’ve started! Thank you so much for the pictures. When I started pinning the half triangles to the points, they were too long! Panic sets in until I look at the photos and see they are supposed to! Sewing them on later today. This is my first shot at sewing on the bias.

  13. Question: Yours is not a whole or a half star, but looks like a 2/3 star? How would I manage that? All I would know to do is make the full star and cut off the part I don’t want, but I don’t think that’s right! I love the look of the offset partial star. Very modern.

  14. Thanks for the tutorials! Love the selected fabrics used and the Lime Green fabric really made the star pop…

  15. I love doing the lonestar. But now I cut it and I’m trying to figure how to square it up using the 3/4 yard… Any ideas how to finish it up? Thanks.

  16. I just came across your tutorial on Pinerest. This is a very well thought out explanation on doing the Lone Star Block with very nice photos.

    This is one that I want to try using your method.


  17. You wrote a beautiful tutorial. I quess it goes with that beautiful Lonestar block. Thanks so much, I look forward to making my first Lonestar Quilt now. Before this, I was very nervous about trying it. But thanks to your lovely step by step instructions and great pictures, I feel very excited about it now.

  18. Hi, ive made 2 lonestars each cutting every diamond out seperatly and hand sewing. i love lonestars hopefully with this technique i’l be able to make a lot more
    great idea thanks

  19. so happy I found this post. I had completed my lone star using y seams and it looked awful. I ripped it down and used your method and it looks great. Thank you.

  20. I have never seen so many finished quilts from one tutorial, and they are all beautiful. This is a testament to the quality of the tutorial and ease of the techniques. I’m so impressed, thank you for posting this for all of us to use!

  21. Please do not let your tutorial get deleted of the web. I need this. But I’m not yet ready to tackle this project. It may take me a year to get to it. But I will get to it.

  22. I am in love with this Lone Star design but most of all, your tutorial is easy to follow. I will need to take my time but want to actually “finish” this.
    Thank you for the exact copy.

  23. Your tutorial was perfectly presented. Just what I was looking for. I thank you for the cart also. I want to make a line star quilt for my cousin for Christmas, and add Southern Bell ladies. I now know how I can size it all. Thanks again! 🤗

  24. Found this while looking for Star blanket pattern. Thanks for this almost at the end of the project very well presented. Very happy with the way it’s looking. Will definitely make it again.

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