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Hello?  Hello?  Is there anybody out there?  No, you are not having hallucinations. You are seeing an actual, honest to goodness, post on my blog! I’m going to attempt to come back to the land of blogging.  As much as I love Instagram, I miss the depth and substance there is to reading and writing blog posts.  It feels much more like a reciprocal, interactive community, whereas Instagram is a quick one-liner and then scroll down to the next eye candy.

What kind of social platforms are you enjoying nowadays; Instagram, blogs, Facebook live, podcasts?  The choices are totally overwhelming, but it’s nice that there is something for every taste!  I’ve started listening to a podcast each morning while I walk the dog and do chores.  I am loving “While She Naps”, “Elise Gets Crafty” and “American Patchwork and Quilting Radio”.  If you have one you enjoy, let me know and I’ll check it out!


Spin Out
Photo by Latifah Saafir

Earlier this year, Latifah Saafir asked if I would make a quilt for her new fabric line, “Grafic”.  Well, heck yes!  First, Latifah is sweet and supportive and we’ve been in a Bee together for about a zillion years.  Secondly, she’s crazy talented and her fabric is AH-maz-ing!  It’s bold, and gritty, yet clean and fresh.

Graphic Fabric
Photo by Latifah Saafir

Latifah’s fabric features large-scale prints, so I wanted the quilt to utilize over-sized piecing, yet still look intricate and have a lot of visual movement.  I also wanted to explore the idea of the fabric images merging together in a few spots, so there would not be a definite seamline defining the pieces.


I sent this illustration over to Latifah and she said, “Yes, please!”, so I got to work.  And no, this was not my first design.  I think I did about 10 before I was actually happy with one (I’m very Gemini).

The actual quilt went together pretty quickly, since it’s big pieces and big curves.


The pattern is available in my Craftsy shop, if you would like to try it yourself!  I designed the pattern specifically for Grafic, but it also works with a variety of fabrics.  How could I not try it in rainbow solids!



You can check out more Graphic projects in Instagram by using the hashtag #graficfabric.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “Spin Out

  1. Wow, that looks great, Janice! Love it!

    I mostly do Instagram and blogs these days. I would like to find some podcasts to hold my interest. Mostly I enjoy The Moth Radio Hour and This American Life. I could’ve gotten into Mary and Marianne Fons’s podcast, but it got pulled after I listened to just one episode.

  2. I have looked and looked for a quilt top that I thought would hold my attention. And then I found this. Oh, my……..thank you. I think it is lovely.

  3. hip to be a square.they also have a you tube Chanel called the stitch.i have just found them.they are very funny.i would love a pod cast from you.i love hearing people’s voices after reading their blogs.thank you.happy quilting…

  4. I am loving Instagram, hating Facebook, and enjoying reading bloggers like you. I would recommend Hip To Be A Square podcast. She’s funny!

  5. I just want to say I completely agree with you on the blogging. Especially with the horrible instagram algorithms now, I don’t see some people that I follow at all, and photos are out of sequence… But blogging let’s me tell a story.

  6. I still read blogs and I am happy to see the resurgence of blogs. Also, I thoroughly enjoy Instagram for what it is and i dislike facebook.
    As to podcasts, i highly recommend the ‘Crafty Planner Podcast, for lively, positive 50-minutes long talks/interviews with crafty people. I find that Sandi asks wonderful questions, is very respectful and has done her homework beforehand.

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