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Today, I am going to review Rebecca Bryan’s new book, Modern Rainbow, share a project I made using the book and host a giveaway!



I think anyone who reads my blog knows that I have a thing for rainbows.  When I heard that Rebecca Bryan had a book coming out called Modern Rainbow, I flipped out just a wee bit (ok, a LOT bit).  I have admired Rebecca’s work for a long time and she contributed a lovely quilt to my book (more on that this week).


Modern Rainbow was published by Stash Books and it is clear, concise and full of wonderful eye-candy.  I love that Rebecca organized the quilts into Modern/Traditional, Modern, and Improvisational patterns.  Within each section is a variety of skill levels and techniques for every kind of quilter.


Here is a selection of my favorite quilts from each section:

11097, Byran, SP15

Modern Traditional: Irish +

I love how simple the Irish + pattern is,  yet there is complexity in the choice of fabrics. This would be a fun quilt to pull fabric for and would be a fantastic exercise in contrast and value.


11097, Byran, SP15

Modern: Huckleberry

Huckleberry is one of those quilts that I am in complete awe of and wish I had designed myself.  It would look fantastic hanging in a sewing studio, and the way Rebecca pieced the hexagons is genius (you’ll have to get the book to see how she did it!).


11097, Byran, SP15

Improvisational: Rainbow Remix

I think Rainbow Remix is my very favorite in the book and someday MUST be pillows in my house.  The quilt reminds me of Gee’s Bend in Technicolor and I adore the saturation and freedom of each block.


I decided to make a mini version of Ducks in a Row.  Here is the version from the book:

11097, Byran, SP15

and here is the version I made:


The quilt is cut using templates, so I printed all of them at 50% and then redrew the seam allowances as I traced them onto template plastic (you always need to adjust the seam allowances back to 1/4″ when you change the scale of a template).


I decided to organize my fabrics so that the colors would transition from one hue to the next within each column. I think it took me longer to choose and organize my fabrics than to cut and piece the quilt!


The varying sizes of triangles also provide a great opportunity for fussy-cutting those favorite and precious fabrics from your stash.

Rebecca’s instructions were very easy to follow and she provided alternate sizes, so you can make any size from crib to king.  I did 11 rows of 5 ducks each at 50% and my finished quilt measures 25″ x 24″.



Now it’s your turn!  Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite quilty color scheme is (and no, it doesn’t have to be rainbow…you can make these patterns from any colors you desire!).  I’m going to giveaway one copy of Modern Rainbow to a lucky reader!

If you live in the US you will be mailed a hardcopy and if you live elsewhere, you will receive an electronic copy.  

I’ll choose the winner randomly on Friday, April 10th.  Good luck!


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Have a great week!

173 thoughts on “Modern Rainbow Blog Tour + Giveaway!

  1. Fun quilts…love your mini with the fussy cuts!!! My favorite quilty color scheme (at the moment) is shades of yellow and gray. Thanks for the sweet giveaway 🙂

  2. oops. trying to comment on how different people make different quilts even with the same pattern. My favorite color scheme is definitely rainbow, it’s been that for as long as I can remember. Thanks for sharing your quilt with us.

  3. I love orange, lime green, purple, and teals… other words brights! oh yeah better sprinkle yellow in there too?! The brighter the better! So much fun!

  4. Hey Janice! Thanks for the book review! What great quilt and oh my, your fussy cut triangles are AWESOME!!!! My fave quilty color scheme is right now is aqua and red! Yummy!!!

  5. My favourite quilts colour scheme is BLUE!!! I bring back blue fabrics from every trip overseas, and now my children bring back blue fabrics as well.

  6. My favourite quilts colour scheme is BLUE!!! I bring back to Australia blue fabrics from all over the world. My children have even started doing thus!!

  7. My favorite color combination is lots of cool colors, like greens, blues, and purples, with a touch of warm colors for spark.

  8. Shades of electric blue, yellow and orange there is an angle of light passin thru a cloud that wii produce these colors that has fascinated me

  9. I am definitely a fan of color! I like to mix blues, greens, teals, purples, pinks, and reds the most with an occasional yellow, white and black. I don’t use a lot of neutrals and really don’t understand the need some seem to have in surrounding themselves with beige. But, yeah, definitely a fan of color in general and I do like rainbow quilts!

  10. Blue and turquoise in lots of different shades would be my preferred color scheme, with some neutrals in-between.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I love color!! All color! My favorite quilty color combos change hourly sometimes it seems. lol I went through a yellow, turquoise combo for a while, then a turqouise, red, pink combo. Lately, I’ve been loving red, black and white.

  12. I admit it…I am a colorholic! I love all colors, but especially enjoy making quilts that have brown, gold, and ivory, with turquoise or teal as accent colors. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  13. What a beautiful book!! Those quilts are gorgeous! I have to say that my favorite color way is also rainbow….I never tire of looking at it.

  14. Lately all I can think of is Navy, Gold, and Orange- my version of a primary color palette. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  15. Thanks for sharing – great quilts! I love quilts of reds/oranges/pinks as well as blue/turq/greens – all gradations. And where did you find that wonderful “Martian fabric”??!!

  16. Love these quilts (both color/fabric choices and awesome quilting). Blues and Greens are my favorite color schemes right now. I’m thinking of the beach and ocean. 🙂

  17. I like combinations of colors that include aqua. Anything looks better with some aqua, if you ask me. Thanks for the chance to win…you did a great job on your quilt!

  18. MMmmm, I’ve been stalking this book – it looks awesome. I love rainbow. Love what you did with it too! When I’m not using rainbow, I tend towards yellow, orange, red and purple or red and grey or aqua, red and white. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Blue is my favorite color, and I really am drawn to primary colors, so my favorite quilts have red/blue/yellow. Orange is good, but I’m kinda turned off by purple and pink. So it makes sense that most of my stash is blue, red, and some yellow and oranges!

  20. I love color, and especially rainbows. Then I don’t have to choose just one color! And from the examples I’ve seen so far this flying geese example is my favorite! Plan to add this book to my list of must haves. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  21. My favorite color IS rainbow! plus pink. 🙂 I love your version of the quilt; those little “surprises” where you fussy cut a cute character is awesome.

  22. I love gray and deep, rich saturated colors (a la Anna Maria Horner). I struggle with rainbows – I would love to have a copy of this book!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I ama big fan of rainbow colour schemes though I haven’t actually sewn any rainbow projects. I love to work with greens & blues & I tend to use them a lot. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this awesome book!

  24. I love a colorful rainbow scheme, especially controlled scrappy, but I also love monochromatic in just about any color. Hard to choose a favorite!

  25. I like to use blues, greens and purples. BUT…love all colors and this book is definitely on my “wish list”! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  26. My favorite color scheme is red. I’ve learned that the many shades of red can and do complement each other when placed in a quilt using a neutral background.

  27. So here’s the deal. I’m not a quilter…I’m a needleworker. BUT…I love to take inspiration from quilting sources and interpret them in needlepoint, counted cross stitch and embroidery. This book would be perfect for some experimentation. That Huckleberry design is stunning–maybe even enough to make me try quilting…

    My favorite color combination is a red/orange/hot pink/purple combo. I love bold, highly saturated colors; I am NOT a pastel person.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

    Carol S.

  28. I think I tend to cool greens and blues, teals, , turquoise….but right now I’m really into the low volumn prints…thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway chance….

  29. My favorite color scheme is shades of blue and teal and gray. Thank you so much for the chance to win- looks like a great book!

  30. I gravitate towards cool colors, but I also like “controlled” scrappy with multiple colors, but I have not done anything that is totally rainbow.

  31. The happiest color scheme for me is analogous. I like using the joy of honeydew melon green, cantaloupe orange, and watermelon pink accented with pure white or dark navy.

  32. I love purple and lime green…yup weird combination but I am on my third quilt using those two colors as the blast off point! 🙂

  33. This looks like a wonderful book to play around with! My favorite colors are blue and yellow or white, though I love making color pop with black too!

  34. I love bright and colorful, but I’m itching to try something that is made from shades of the same color. I’ve got bundle of Kona in blues that I want to use together.

  35. I love really bright colors that are showcased against black or white to give them real pop. I think this is an amazing book and your quilt is great. Love the tip about resizing the seam allowance. I’m usually in a hurry and get part way through the cutting and remember that I should have done it differently!!

  36. I’ve been dying to make a quilt in just reds and whites. Prints or solids or mixture of both, but only reds and white.

  37. I always wanted to make a contemporary quilt is all kinds of oranges. It is a hard fabric to find without prints taking over the orange. I can’t wear the color orange or I don’t have orange in my house, but it is such a cheery color. This book may be the inspiration I need to JUST DO IT!! Thanks

  38. I love the rainbow colors but don’t use them very often. I do enjoy using black and white and one other color (red is my favorite).

  39. I really want to try a rainbow quilt- the quilts I’ve seen from this book are so inspiring. I love navy and yellow together- I have a plan for a porch quilt in this scheme soon!

  40. This looks like a great book! I love the idea of a pink and navy quilt and one day I might get around to making it.

  41. Anything in rainbow order is hands down my favorite color combo! And I’m not just saying that, either. I sure hope I win, for this is one book that I would LOVE to own (& I’m very picky about the books that I buy)!

  42. I really like bright colors, so most any combination that is bright is what I am drawn to. I really like the color combination of the Day Sail fabric line right now..turquoise, red, navy, white for some reason.

  43. i am still experimenting with colors. I am attracted to combinations of grey-down colors and clear tone colors,

  44. I love monochromatic quilts. I also love the color orange. I also love rainbow schemes. Purple is a favorite color, too. I’ll stop now, but I bet you get the idea!

  45. I seem to use blues, greens, and purples a lot! Just love the way they look. Of course, you can’t beat a rainbow quilt either! This book looks fantastic and is on my must-buy list.

  46. I love doing a quilt that uses every colour of the colour wheel, and red is my favourite colour. Can hardly wait to see the book. Bev

  47. I have a great love of all things color, and then I am awed by projects done in neutrals, also. I’ve been collecting black and white fabrics for years, too…… but when I’m making something, I so far have always gone for color! These rainbow quilts are right at the top of my desire list!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. Thats hard to say. It all depends on my mood and what strikes me. Mostly it’s the right happy fun colors or the old vintage antique colors that catch my eye

  49. I’ve decided there are very few color schemes I don’t like. Honestly, it depends on the quilt. Some cry for black, other can be incredibly scrappy and I do love the rainbow look too. Thanks.

  50. Lately I’ve gravitated to quilts w/ a neutral background color and 2 colors for the blocks, using various shades of each. I do love these rainbow quilts, too. Thanks for sharing with us.

  51. I am currently loving the combination of coral, sea green & grey. I like to add touches of pale blue & yellow as well

  52. I love your fussy cut choices! I favourite colour scheme to work with is a Christmas scheme – green, red, white, and gold.

  53. My favorite colors are definitely the rainbow, just not all together at one time. This weeks favorite is lime green and sea glass blue, and all shades between. I can definitely see some of these quilts in that mix.

  54. I, too, love the rainbow colors. I like what you did with the flying geese. Very cute! I am interested in doing more modern quilting which would fit my pain for brights! Thanks!

  55. SATURATED COLOR!!!! Anything saturated, love the rainbows, but lean toward the blues, teals, aqua’s. And love grey/low volume text, map, or number backgrounds! Would love to win a copy of this book! Thank you for the review, and your wonderful fussy cut’s on the flying geese!

  56. Oh how I would love to win a copy of this amazing book!!! I have been on a rainbow kick for months now and I just can’t seem to get enought!! Love what you made using this book!!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  57. I’m totally in love with blue! It makes me even feel so blue too! But maybe getting a wonderful book as this might make me feel less blue and even another total different colour instead. But I guess I will have to wait and see!!!!

  58. My favourite colour scheme is greens to purples with a bit of something opposite on the colour wheel (orange-red). Can’t wait to see this book “in person”.

  59. I love the combination of purple and lime green right now. The colors together just make me happy and go so well together!

  60. I love most colours but mostly Blues & greens and Purples and reds. Oh lest be honest just about everything in between.



  61. Love the rainbow interpretations in this book. I love the green thru blue colors, especially teal. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  62. It is hard to choose a favorite but I am loving the red and turquoise I am using in a quilt I am working on. It does have some yellow in it too. I am really liking the rainbow look.

  63. I’ve been too chicken to commit to a rainbow; I love it when it looks artsy, not so much when it looks childish. I usually go for complementary, secondary colors.

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