Countdown to Christmas Quilt Along Week 3: Applique


Have you all been busy cutting your fabrics for your Advent Calendar?  It’s time to put the numbers on!

If you are new to the Countdown to Christmas Quilt Along, there is still plenty of time to join in and catch up!  You can read about it here and the schedule is as follows:

  • August 19th – Announcement of Giveaway and sponsors
  • September 2nd – Quilt Along begins:  Choosing fabrics and fabric requirements
  • September 16th – Cutting fabrics
  • September 30th – Applique techniques (machine, hand, puff-paint, ironed on).  The options are endless for how you would like to add your numbers to the pockets.
  • October 14th – Piecing and layout variations
  • October 28th – Quilting ideas
  • November 11th – Binding
  • November 25th – The Big Reveal and ideas for what to put in the pockets.


There are lots of ways you can put the the numbers on your calendar.  In Elizabeth’s version, she has you do classic machine appliqué with fabric, Steam a Seam and a machine satin stitch around the edge.

Some other ideas you could try:

  • Machine Embroider like Melissa did on her calendar
  • Hand Embroider
  • Fabric puff paint
  • Rubber Stamp with fabric paint
  • Applique with hand sewn blanket stitching
  • Raw-edge appliqué
  • Iron-on Felt appliqués


I chose the last option which is making iron-on appliqués out of felt.  It was quick and I like that the felt has dimension and  texture.  My kids are 2 and 4, so they are all about texture.


I used Ecofelt and Heat n Bond Lite (you can get both at Michaels) to make my appliqués.  They are so easy to make and all the instructions are on the Heat n Bond packaging!  Once you iron the felt on, you can zig-zag around the edge, but I have found there is no need to do this as long as I am not going to wash the item.


I decided to go with an orderly layout for my calendar.  My children are just learning to count and understand the passage of time, so I didn’t want to confuse them by jumping around the calendar! I did randomize the placement of my numbers on the squares.  I didn’t want to cover up the images, so I just placed the number in the best spot on each square, rather than the bottom right corner.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else is up to!  Be sure to check out Melissa’s amazing embroidery on her calendar and don’t forget to link up and post photos in the flickr group.

Have a great 2 weeks!



7 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas Quilt Along Week 3: Applique

  1. This is looking fabulous! I couldn’t resist any longer – i ordered a charm pack for this project a week ago and am waiting for it to arrive from Canada. I had planned on making a cross-stitch advent calendar but since this is much quicker – I am going for it!

  2. I bought a charm pack and have my pockets paired up. it’s going to be so cute! im going to leave them at 5 inches. And -am i crazy, but i dont see a 25th on anyone’s anywhere. im adding one, which will make my rows uneven. i’ll have to think on what to do for sure on that. where did you get your numbers? is there a printout somewhere? thanks!!

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