Emmeline’s Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Last week was my daughter’s second birthday and for months she has been asking for a Hello Kitty Party.  We held the party in our backyard with our close friends and their children (which is now up to a whopping 20 kids!).


I really tried to save money and make minimal purchases.  I chose Tiffany blue and shades of pink for the color scheme. Having a tight color scheme makes everything seem fancy, even when you are eating hamburgers off paper plates!


I did splurge and buy Japanese imported party plates from a shop in town, because I loved the colors. I made up for it by only buying enough for the kids and having plain plates for the adults. All the table linens were fabrics I pulled from my stash.


I also picked up these adorable party hats that matched the plates.

photo 1

I made 25 tissue paper flowers from 4 different shades of pink tissue paper.


The labels were created using punches and ribbons that I already had.  I designed the labels in photoshop and printed them at home.


I kept the food very simple and summer picnic-y.  Strawberries, watermelon, pasta salad, field greens, hot dogs and hamburgers were all on the menu. I don’t have a photo, but the zucchini, tomato and feta pasta salad was delicious.

The tiffany blue serving dish was purchased for Emmeline’s 1st birthday and was originally yellow.  A coat of paint will work wonders (just make sure you line anything that will be serving food)!


The Hello Kitty cookies were a bit of an experiment.  I originally tried to make sugar cookies with royal icing and it was a big flop.  It is so messy and I just don’t think they taste as good as butter cream.  I ended up using my tried and true sugar cookie and buttercream frosting recipe and even if they don’t look bakery perfect, they were delicious!


The cupcakes were courtesy Grandpa Hines and Grandma Crocker…shhhh…don’t tell anyone.  I use a jumbo decorating tip to apply the icing and it is SO much easier and quicker than using a knife.  I learned how right here.


In the backyard, I set up a coloring and tattoo station, which was a big hit.  The wall is covered with pages from a $3 coloring book.


The table held a basket of mini markers, Hello Kitty and Cars tattoos and sponges for tattoo application.


Our driveway extends into out backyard and that was where I set up the kid’s tables and we also brought the train table outside.


On the table, there were various Hello Kitty party toys for the kids to play with.


I also laid out quilts under a pop-up canopy tent, so that people could eat picnic-style in the shade.


The biggest attraction was the awesome playset that my husband put together last month.  The side gets super-hot, so I made a cover/tunnel for it, which was a big hit.


The boys had to deal with pink favor bags, but they did not get anything Hello Kitty on the inside.

And now, prepare to be photo-bombed:








18 thoughts on “Emmeline’s Hello Kitty Birthday Party

  1. Everything looks wonderful. Great idea for the slide! Love the cookies! My daughter wants a Hello Kitty party for her 5th birthday in the fall so I’ll have to refer back to this post in a few month. 🙂

  2. Awesome party. Too bad I can’t use any of the ideas for my 14 and 16-year-olds. Oh wait, I can ask Grandpa Hines and Grandma Crocker for some help too. :^)

  3. Wow! That looks like an awesome party. My daughter is 3 1/2 and she loves, loves, loves anything with Hello Kitty on it. I may have to borrow some of these ideas for her next birthday. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  4. How did you make that awesome slide cover? We have the same problem with our slide getting super hot during the day and would love to make something like that!


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