Finished: Geese in the Forest Quilt

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Geese in the Forest, Twiddletails, Flying geese quilt

After 3.5 years, I finally finished my “Geese in the Forest” Quilt! I started this quilt back in November 2009, when my son was 2 months old.  Two moves and another baby (now a toddler) later, it’s done!

Here are the stats:

Pattern: “Geese in the Forest” by Twiddletails

Size: 60″ x 60″

Number of Flying Geese:  459 (front and back)

Fabrics: Vintage Bed Linens for the geese, Kona White for the background and Architextures Black for the binding.


I quilted wavy lines going in various directions on my Juki TL200Qi.  This is my new favorite quilting pattern. It adds so much wonderful texture, but it is quite time-consuming!


A view of the quilting from the back.


The quilt is so colorful, so I decided to use Architextures Black  for the binding.  I love how it acts as a frame.  I think everything I’ve made lately has a bit of Architextures in it!.


I made some extra geese for the back, because how can I resist a rainbow of flying geese?


I love it so much that I want to hang it on a wall.  Maybe I should make one that is half-sized as a wall hanging.  Check back in 3.5 years for the finish!


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26 thoughts on “Finished: Geese in the Forest Quilt

  1. This is seriously fantastic Janice. I love it all – the black binding is great, and the quilting is my fave. I’d be curious to know a bit more about how you did it.

  2. I love it. Front, back, sideways, binding and quilting. The different tree geese sizes and colors are cheerful and visually intriguing. The quilting adds a whole other level of awesome, suprawesome.

  3. It’s perfect! Your quilting is superb – it complements the geese beautifully. Did you start with one wavy line and then go from there, or plan it out before starting? I love it so much I think I might give it a go on one of my quilts (I have a small lap quilt that I think would be a good size to experiment on!).

  4. I love the quilting, it gives a sense of landscape which fits in perfectly with the name of the quilt. Awesome work and well worth the time spent!

  5. This is just so adorable! All the sweet colours are so beautiful with the white and the backing is also perfect! Great quilting, too! I love wall quilts – it’s nice to have a relaxing moment just watching a beautiful quilt! x Teje

  6. It is beautiful. And I love the quilting. Congratulations on making a truly stunning quilt. I know how long ago November 2009 is because my son was born then and I have had a baby since then that is now a toddler as well.

  7. This is a wonderful quilt. All those differently shaped geese sure look fun with the different colours in the sheets. Maybe you could hang this one sometimes, do you have a larger wall?

  8. This quilt is so beautiful. The colors really sparkle and I love how the quilting meshes all the trees together into a cohesive piece. I would absolutely hang it up for a while before enjoying snuggling with it.

  9. I cannot get over how amazing this quilt is. I just did a quilt with 240 flying geese and I can’t imagine doing this many! Wow. I’m completely inspired by your work!

  10. oh, you finished the quilt you made for me;)how kind of you! seriously, i may have to make this exact quilt for myself someday.

  11. This is a lovely quilt. Thanks for sharing! I love the re-used bedspread fabric. The colors are super, too. The back of the quilt is great, too!

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