WIP Wednesday: Single Girl Quilt

I’m finally getting work done on another one of my long-time unfinished quilts.  I’m really trying to finish all of them up, before starting anything new.

Low Volume Single Girl Quilt, Denyse Schmidt

I started this Single Girl Quilt (which is a pattern by Denyse Schmidt) two years ago, just before my daughter was born.  I spent months collecting all the out of stock “Katie Jump Rope” prints and finally decided to cut them up for this quilt and put them on a natural linen background. When I had my daughter, I put the quilt away and there is sat for a long time.

Original Natural Linen Background

When I was cataloging all my unfinished projects, I decided that I was terribly bored with it and I was trying to think of ways to make it more interesting.  I already had all the arches cut and pieced and some of the squares were done.  I REALLY wanted to make a low-volume quilt with lots of text prints and textured linens, so it suddenly came to me that I could do a scrappy background on this quilt and kill two birds with one stone (finish a WIP and make a low-volume quilt).

Low Volume Single Girl Quilt, Denyse Schmidt

I have half of the blocks finished and I wasn’t sure how it would look, but I am loving it! Once this quilt is finished (and the “Geese in the Forest Quilt” I am quilting), I only have one more unfinished quilt to complete!

I thought you would like to see the conditions I work under when I photograph my quilts.  I had exactly one minute to get a few photos before this happened:

Low Volume Single Girl Quilt, Denyse Schmidt


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12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Single Girl Quilt

  1. The look of pure pleasure on your daughters face in the last photo is priceless. It makes quilting a little more of a challenge but makes life more worthwhile. Oh and the quilt is looking fabulous.

  2. OMG…..she’s adorable and seems to LOVE messing up your quilt pieces! My dog does that without the gleeful expression! You are a lucky quilter indeed.

  3. I really love your single girl. I love all of your fabric choices. And I can appreciate your photo shoot. I have a one and a three year old who are very interested in everything I make.

  4. Ha! I was taking about 5 yards of bright white kona out of the washer and some dipped on the floor. Before I could say lickedy split the little one had run over and stood on it with her shoes on. Wearing a dare you to get me off of here look on her tiny face. Littles are fun huh 🙂

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