Scrappy Lone Star Block

Scrappy Lone Star Block

I’ve been working on getting ready for the Scrappy Lone Star class I am teaching at Sew Modern this Saturday.  I made this 1/2 scale Scrappy Lone Star as an example of how to make Lone Stars in various sizes. I started with 1.5″ strips and the finished block is 20″.  The Lone Star measures 18″ from point to point.


Here it is next to the original Lone Star.  It’s the perfect size for a throw pillow, or a mini quilt.  I’d love to tackle a Queen-Sized Star sometime in the near future for our bed.

I’ll get some stats up on the blog soon on how to resize the Scrappy Lone Star for your own projects!

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23 Responses to Scrappy Lone Star Block

  1. Great colours Janice! I also love your fence!!

  2. Quero fazer a grande para minha cama também,estarei esperando as suas dimensões,minha cama é king.Obrigada e parabéns pelo lindo

  3. Your piecing is just perfect. Lovely color combination too ; )

  4. This looks fantastic! I love them both and with you…I’d love to eventually make one for our bed.

  5. I love, love, LOVE your lone star quilt in every size. I noticed you added more black to this recent version and it is striking! I live in MN and can’t attend your class, but still will make one in the near future. It’s definitely on my “to do” list.

  6. Love the Lonestar. Please publish the Q-sized dimensions when you finish it. Got to make it! Already have my scraps waiting

  7. Beautiful!! It looks so tiny next to the other one, but 18″ is a good size too. Very very nice.

  8. I love how this is patchwork! You chose great complementary fabrics too :)

  9. Its absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!!

  10. Love the colors, especially the blue border!

  11. Gidget Shenefield

    I love both of these!

  12. I love your lonestars- that large one offset like that is so fun! Wish I could take your class. Enjoy!

  13. Wow, your lone stars are so beautiful! I want to do one someday. I’ll be looking at your resizing numbers! Thank you for doing the work, my math skills are shaky!!

  14. Cool! I love the smaller one, too, but a gigantical one? FABULOUS!! I’m excited for you to teach at Sew Modern. You’ll do great!

  15. I love the stars and in particular the quilting on the large one!

  16. I love all the fabrics in the scrappy lone star- some of my all time favorites! Beautiful!

  17. I love, love, love them both!! I would love to take a class.

  18. I love the colors in your smaller Lone Star! I’m impressed with your precision to work with 1.5 inch wide pieces on the bias. I’m not sure I’d have the patience.

    I just used your tutorial to make a Scrappy Lone Star – great tutorial by the way! I included some smaller stars on my quilt, but with eight solid points – not pieced.

  19. Love your scrappy star and beautiful mix of fabrics:)

  20. When I think that I’m already following all the blogs into sewing…I discovered one more :)

    Great blog, following you now!

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