“We Love Color” TV Color Bars Quilt


Here is another fun quilt I worked on for Robert Kaufman Fabrics recently.  It’s the TV Color Bars Quilt designed by Betz White and featured in the recently released book “We Love Color”.

My pre-children career was working in TV, so how fitting is it that I made a giant TV quilt?! It was pieced by Ramona and the quilt is giant SMPTE (test screen) Bars made up from Kona Fabrics.  The magic is that it folds up into a black and white TV pillow when it’s not in use as a quilt.

 It’s perfect for snuggling under while watching a movie (and hopefully the SMPTE bars are only on your quilt and NOT on the TV!).

I quilted big zig-zags across the quilt in various patterns.  My new sewing machine came with a walking foot, so this was my first time doing straight-line quilting.  Honestly, I normally do free-motion just because I am too lazy to measure out all the straight lines, but I really enjoyed the straight line quilting and I love how it turned out.  I did straight line quilting right away again on the Transportation Quilt for my son, so I think I may be a convert!


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11 thoughts on ““We Love Color” TV Color Bars Quilt

  1. I read the title as “We love TV” LOL my kids would love this quilt (I think I was channeling them when I misread the text LOL). It looks great, I love the bright colours!

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