Modified Bento Box Baby Quilt

You will have to bear with me this month.  I WANT to be sewing, but instead I am doing this:

packing the house

Which is no fun at all.

I am also making these:

Thomas the Train cupcake topper

Which is fun, but still not sewing.

I do have one quilt I am working on, which should be ready for the week I host TGIFF.  It’s for a swap, and my partner should have received it by then.

It’s the perfect time to play blog catch-up, though!

I made a Modified Bento Box Quilt awhile ago for my friend, Alison, who was having her first baby; a little girl.  I wanted something that would be preppy, cheerful and lively like Alison.

Modified Bento Box Quilt

I added a few Anne Kelle fabrics to ones pulled from my stash and I used this tutorial from “Film in the Fridge”.

modified bento box baby quilt using red pepper quilts tutorial

I was really happy with how it turned out, but I think if I make this quilt again I will starch the blocks really well before I cut them into quarters.  Even though you make the cuts on grain, there was still stretching and the cut edge tended to bow outwards.  I made it behave, though, after some slicing and pressing and begging.

Linking up today with TGIFF at Quokka Quilts:

9 Responses to Modified Bento Box Baby Quilt

  1. That’s such a pretty quilt! And so unique! :) Great tip about starching – I will remember that. :) thanks for linking up.

  2. Your quilt is adorable :)

  3. That quilt is beautiful. Such a great group of fabric, good choices, they go so nicely together.

  4. Ooh, love that quilt. Way to go on making it behave too! :)

  5. This is sooo beautiful! I love the colors and perfect for a baby girl :)

  6. Megan@jaffaquilts

    Beautiful little quilt – such great fabric play!

  7. It was worth it because it came out beautiful in my opinion! She’s one lucky baby girl to receive a quilt like this one! If you have the boxes piled up because you’re moving than good luck to you! Otherwise enjoy your weekend! I was just stopping by from TGIFF :)

  8. The quilt is just adorable!!

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