Quilted Plus Pillow

Quilted Plus Pillow

When I was about 9 months pregnant, I kept seeing photos of”Plus” pillows on various blogs and being in a nesting mood, I decided that I MUST sew one.  I had only scraps left from Emmeline’s baby quilt, so I took those and added in a few complimentary fabrics to get the job done.

Quilted Plus Pillow

I really think it was the first pillow I’ve made since I sewed a purple bunny one in 6th grade home-ec.

Quilted Plus Pillow

My friend and Bee-partner, Melissa, and two of her lovely quilting friends made a great Plus Pillow pattern that you can find on Melissa’s blog.

Sew, Mama, Sew has a great tutorial for making a basic pillow.  I especially like their tutorial for adding binding to the edge of the pillow.  It looks great and you don’t have to fuss with piping.

I kept the back simple, but I added binding to the opening for a little extra detail.

Quilting plus Pillow

 The inside of the pillow is lined with muslin to add a little extra stability to the cotton fabric.  Only the front panel has batting.

Quilted Plus Pillow

I really thought the pillow would simply be thrown on the floor every time I sat in the rocker, but it ended up being the best breast-feeding pillow ever.  Emmeline still loves to lay on it when we cuddle.

I’m hoping to revisit pillow sewing again since the Pottery Barn pillow covers in the family room are getting quite shabby.  This is how my list of projects only gets longer!

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6 thoughts on “Quilted Plus Pillow

  1. That is such a beautiful pillow. I have a pillow on my baby’s rocker as well which I originally thought would just be decorative but it turned out to be very practical and comfortable as well.

  2. That’s a lovely pillow! I love the way you quilted it, and the fabrics are great. I’m so glad you’ve gotten good use out of it, too — I think there’s nothing better than getting to actually USE something you’ve made, instead of letting it just sit around.

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