Can We Start Again, Please?

Remember my 3/4″ Hexagons that I started WAY back in October right after Liam was born?  I am giving up on them.  They are just too dang tiny and I feel like they don’t show enough of each print, especially when I am trying to fussy cut an image.  Hexagon’s have become huge in the Modern Quilting world in the last 6 months, so I can learn not only from my mistakes, but from everyone else experiences.

I’m working on the hexagons again because I needed something to handsew tonight at a “Stitch N Bitch” group I am going to.  It’s through the mother’s club here in Petaluma and meets at a wine bar, so I didn’t think my sewing machine would be welcome.  It’s open to all crafters, but most of the women, I am assuming, will be knitters.  I really want to connect with other creative types in my new town, so hopefully this will be a good start.

I decided to do 1.5″ hexes, because I figure I can cover more ground, plus I love that this size shows off more of the fabric.  It seems that 1″ are the most popular over in the Hexagon Piece-a-long on Flickr. If you use that size, you can use a 5″ charm pack and get 4 hex’s out of each charm.

1.5 Hex next to a 3/4 Hex
1.5" Hex next to a 3/4" Hex

I love Melanie’s idea for making a fussy cut template.  Centering the images on my old hexes was a pain in the butt, so this is a sanity-saver with the new hexes.  I didn’t have any template plastic laying around, so I just cut a template from the same cardstock that I am using to make my hexagons (which, btw, is leftover from my wedding. Gotta love using what you have.)

Time to drink some wine and sew me some hexes!

6 thoughts on “Can We Start Again, Please?

  1. Love your owl fabric! I am so wanting to learn how to make hexies. I’ve read a few tutorials recently but I’m still not confident about jumping in. Any tips or tricks that you’ve discovered along the way?

  2. Hi there! Love your photo! Great one! I can’t get over the size difference! I started a hexie project years ago myself and took many apart and discarded the white that I was using for the flowers or around the flowers and am now going more ‘modern’ with old fabrics!? Huh? I hope you followed me there!

    Ranelle, did you go to Texasfreckles’ site and see her video tutorials? On the Flickr group too there is a pictorial tutorial on a different method. If that fails; take a hexagon made of paper of any size and cut fabric so that there is at least 1/4″ all around and take it up to your nearest craft store or quilting store and ask them to show you how to baste a hexagon! Maybe you should take two because then she could show you how to sew the two pieces together! Just a thought off the top of my head! I’m way over here in the Middle East so can’t show you myself!! Good luck! I will be thinking of you!

  3. Ditto what Alia said! Click on “Melanie’s Idea” on my blog entry and you will go to Texas Freckles Blog. You can find a video she made on basting a hexagon. I suggest putting a pin through the center of the fabric square and hexagon template to keep it centered while you baste, but it is easy! Practice makes perfect!

  4. I use the printable templates you can find online and make to any size you want (can’t remember where but google it) and print onto freezer paper then iron onto the fabric – no pins and very stable.

  5. Great idea! I’ve been making an I SPY GFG quilt for my grandchildren. I make it ea. Wed with a group online. I’ve been using a metal template I bought from judie Rothermel w/a nonslip backing. However, this is wonderful also! Might even suggest some clear nail polish on the back w/ some sea salt, sand,etc. while went to make non slip. 🙂

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