Liam’s Quilt

It’s time again for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!

I haven’t had much time to make many quilts since the last festival, but I do have a quilt that is near and dear in my heart.   When I was pregnant, last summer, I made my son a quilt for his crib.  I labored over that one for hours and now it hangs, untouched, over his crib.  I wanted to make another simpler quilt for him to play on and I fell in love with the beauty and simplicity of Stacked Coin Quilts.

I also got to use one of my favorite prints for the back, “Entertaining Elephants”:

Little did I know that this quilt would become the back drop of many of Liam’s baby photos.

Liam at 8 days old with his daddy.  (Look at those little chicken legs!):

Liam at 3 weeks, already being the clown that he is today (photo by Anne K. Rodriguez):

Liam at 2 months, enjoying a warm Los Angeles November :

Liam at 5 months entertaining his favorite lady-friend, Annabelle:

Eventually he learned to roll and crawl and the quilt became too small to use as a playmat.  I’m hoping that once he is a little older he will enjoy using it as a favorite blankie. That will be up to him. I will always cherish this quilt and be able to hold it in my hands and look at the photos of how tiny he used to be.

I took a photo of Liam on the quilt today and I was very lucky to get a photo of him actually laying down.  He looked at me for a minute as if to say, “What the heck are you doing to me, Mom?” and then he flipped of and crawled away from me.

Liam at 8 months:

They grow up SO fast and through all the sleepless nights and crazy days, I am trying to remember that this is all just a fleeting moment. Looking at all these photos of my little baby on his quilt really makes me realize that.

45 thoughts on “Liam’s Quilt

  1. What a sweet post! The do grow up so fast. You should see his favorite lady friend now! I love Liam’s stacked coin quilt and I love the one you made for Annabelle, too! It seems like a great way to celebrate your favorite fabrics. (okay, that last line is me trying to act like I know anything about sewing or quilting. Carry on.)

  2. That is a very pretty little quilt and will always have so many great memories for you and for your little guy!

  3. Firstly that quilt is lovely – so neat and crisp and pretty and that Liam??? How gorgeous??? Is it just me or is he out growing that quilt?!

  4. so cute and I definitely understand laboring over a quilt for your baby. And then being super practical and making another! I have a 5 month old and I try not to get hurt that her favorite blanket is the one thing that I didn’t make for her. LOL.

  5. The quilt is cute, but your baby boy steals the show! These are my favorite quilts – the ones we use. I love that elephant fabric and the colors you used. Beautiful quilt and precious baby!

  6. You’re right, the stacked coins quilt is one of my favorites and the fabrics you chose make it divine. But as others have state, as beautiful as the quilt is your baby is even more so.

  7. First of all, I love this quilt. The fabrics you’ve chosen are exactly what I like, and Entertaining Elephants is one of my faves as well. Your little guy is so sweet, and I have an 8-month-old daughter, but she’s not crawling yet.

  8. c’est vrai on oublie tellement qu’il on été bébé ,mais sont édredon est là pour le rappeler ,les couleurs sont très belles ,félicitations

  9. The elephant fabric is gorgeous! And the photo of your son with the tongue sticking out and crossed eyes is one of the most adorable things I’ve seen out in blogland!

  10. What a wonderful quilt! I love that it’s become the backdrop for your son’s photos. It’s a great way to document his growth. My cousin’s husband bought a giant teddy bear when their daughter was born, and they took photos of her next to it every month for the first two years, and every year on her birthday after that. It’s wonderful to look back and see the changes.

  11. I think I have a thing for coin quilts, and yours is gorgeous! Oh isn’t it so fun when the kids become mobile? Ack! But your little boy is adorable!

  12. I love the colors of this quilt even before I saw all the pictures of your son playing on it I knew it would be special. I can assure you that he will love it with time. My daughter now claims every quilt as hers and usually drags them around with her until I can wrestle them away from her. Enjoy him and all the quilts you will make for him over the years, they go quickly.

  13. I love this quilt. The colors are just so fresh and springy. Stacked coins is such a great pattern for showing off lovely fabrics like you have with this quilt.

    So cute seeing Liam on his quilt through the months. 🙂

  14. great quilt–love the colors. i’m in the midst of making a chinese coin quilt–a variation of a variation i saw on fons and porter. fun to see your baby’s growth on the quilt–that’s just precious!!

  15. what a great way to see the usage of your quilt and to track your son’s growth! It is really cool to see how much he has grown!
    thanks for sharing!
    I love the quilt!
    Beth in Dallas

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