Oneday Monday

I don’t have a lot of time right now to do all the sewing and craft projects I would like.  Maybe one day when Liam is older I will get around to them.  So, for now I am going to blog each Monday about projects I have found online that I would LIKE to do.  Hopefully my dear readers will have more time and I can live vicariously through you!

(thank you Debra, for the witty title!)

I am loving this hanging book display over at Penny Carnival.  Each one pictured is made out of a different, yummy fabric and the ways to personalize it for you or your child are endless. She has a very detailed tutorial, so you can make your own.

I can picture a 3-year-old Liam kneeling to pull a book out of his display just before getting tucked into bed for story time.  I have a few years to get this one done!

The circus fabric below is making me crazy.  MUST FIND CIRCUS FABRIC!

7 thoughts on “Oneday Monday

  1. Thank you so much for posting that!! My son would love to have this for his books!! He sits in bed now with some, but if he had more choices, he’d be even happier (to go to bed)!

  2. Alison — I have a brand new sewing machine sitting in the box in my family room. I have the desire, I just lack the time. And the ability to thread the needle, but I’m sure that’s somewhere in the instruction manual.

  3. Thanks for posting about this tutorial, I have seen these before and have decided now that I must make one for each of my girls. Right now all their books are kept in my room (they are 1 and 2, so an open bookshelf is an invitation to destroy) but I would love a place to keep just a few of their favourites in their rooms. I love the “Oneday Monday” title – feels like my life right now!

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