Busy as a (quilting) bee.

I finally had a chance to sew on Saturday and I was able to get blocks done for both of the online quilting bees I am a member of.

The first block was for the Vintage Sewing Bee.  Jane asked for pinwheels, any pinwheels. The wonkier the better. Oh the choices!  I really like the look of whirlygig pinwheels, so I followed this tutorial and just improvised on the extra piece in each block and the wonky border.  This was my first time doing pinwheels and my first time improvising and I loved both!

I’ve also been wanting to play with matching vintage stripes and vintage flowers together in a quilt, so this was my chance.  I’ve been collecting striped sheets and I really wants to do a whole quilt like this.

The second block was for Bee Happy. Abi asked for a spiderweb block, which I have also never done. I loved the grey solid and Abi sent some yummy fabrics to work with and I also included some from my own stash.

I’m excited to see what’s in store for next month!

5 thoughts on “Busy as a (quilting) bee.

  1. I. love. it!!! Well, both of them (especially the little snippet of the mermaids and camper vans), but I have never seen that pinwheel block before & I adore it! I’ll have to check out that tutorial.

  2. I love your wonky whirlygig! I took a look at the tutorial, and realized that it’s basically the same construction as the ‘Jacks’ blog from Gwen Marston, so I now I how how to make this too. So many things to sew, so little time (actually, that last part’s not true, now that I’m done w/the pilot.)

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