A tiny rant.

Do you ever google yourself?

I find it interesting how information and photos make it’s way around the internet.  Almost two years ago I planned one of my best friend’s bridal showers.  I was quite proud of it and had so much fun designing and making the decor for it.  Every now and then when I am bored I google “damask bridal shower” or something in that vain, because I get a kick out of seeing where people used it as inspiration.

This is what I found today, though.

A rental company in Kentucky has a photo of the shower I planned in THEIR gallery! I was kind of blown away.  I painstakingly made each of those little black poufs.  I went to numerous fabric stores to find the perfect damask fabric to make into a table cloth.  I DYED the fabric on the mason jars to the perfect shade of yellow.  I rented the plates from a reputable company in Los Angeles. I also had the help of my friend Anne, who did those lovely flowers and the tags on the mason jars and she took the photo that they put on their website.

How many other photos has this company stolen from other people’s showers and weddings?  Have they done any weddings themselves?

I think it shows the importance of watermarking all your photos.  I just don’t have time to do that.  I can barely get all my photos taken and uploaded and post written, much less watermark them.

I will admit, I am still a little flattered.  Ha-ha!

8 thoughts on “A tiny rant.

  1. Wow!!! That’s absolutely insane. And they have a lot of gall. Imagine if a bride goes to them for that particular table cloth, or other stuff and realize they can’t get it because they never even did that table set up.

  2. I’m so heated. I already sent them 2 nasty emails. I already watermark, but now I have to watermark EVERYTHING. If they don’t take it down, they’ll have hell to pay.

  3. I’m not sure if you’re using photoshop but it’s super-simple to create a watermark. If you are using it, I’d be happy to create it for you and show you how to use it. Or if you let me know what other program you’re using to open/edit your photos, I can show you an easy way to do it. Nothing sucks worse that seeing someone claim something that you did as your own.


  4. I think you should definitely contact them and give them your two cents. In my business of Graphic Design..I am shocked at how companies think if pictures are on the web, even from stock photography companies it is there to be taken. It could be, that this company paid to have their website done and the web designer stole the pictures and charged the company, as if they were suppling stock photos. If anything, contact the web provider and have them take down the page. You do not need a watermark to prove your ownership. Copyright comes with ownership and you are the original owner of that photo.

    I use a couple photos on my website that I got from the net, but I give full credit to the owner. Or I ask if I can use them.

    You should see how many people have taken my concepts for my painted furniture and copied them. I can only tell myself my imagination is not limited and i can always create more.
    When I designed castles for Mr. Sandman, he sold my sculptures, then told me he was not producing them anymore and took them and then produced them under another artist’s name. Like I wouldn’t find out. Check his page out..he’s been selling my stuff for YEARS and I have never made a cent on the stuff.

    And Donna is right about creating a watermark..very simple..I bet there’s even a app for it for iphone pics.


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