The elusive Solid Wood Sewing Cabinet

Is it a sin to covet a sewing cabinet? If so, I have been a very bad girl for 2 years now.  There are tons of sewing cabinets out there, but most of them are A. ugly, B. Particle Board, or C. ugly AND made from Particle Board.  This Shaker style sewing cabinet is well made from solid hard wood with a beautiful grain and inlaid tabletop. Not only does it stand alone as an attractive piece of furniture, but it has well planned and compact storage. It also has a magical vertical hydraulic lift that makes the sewing machine go up and down!  Please Mr. Santa Claus, I want to see this sewing table under my tree!

Alas, I think the only way I will get this cabinet is if elves actually build it for me.  The only way to own one is to buy the plans online for $14 and make it yourself, or hire a carpenter to do it.  Until then, I will keep dreaming of the perfect place to store my sewing wares.

5 thoughts on “The elusive Solid Wood Sewing Cabinet

  1. Please let me know where I can buy this sewing cabinet! And, if not this one, another small solid wood sewing cabinet. Thanks, Stephanie

  2. Wow, thanks for this! My feelings about available sewing furniture is exactly the same as yours. Hope you will get your sewing cabinet.

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