Fun Find: Reprodepot Fabric

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I have often longed to be one of those artistic and crafty people who collect fabric, buttons and ribbons along their travels.  My dream is to spend days on end scouring flea markets, fabric stores and vintage shops for unique treasures and then rush home to concoct amazing and clever items to make from my finds. I would have piles of scraps, fat quarters, laces and trims all in boxes that were brimming over and yearning to be dug into.  

The problem is, I am a poor pack rat and somewhat of a tight wad. Sure, I have several boxes of fabric, but most of it is plain and practical yardage leftover from past projects.  Now that my obsessive wedding planning has stopped sucking my free time and wallet, I am hoping I will be able to peruse some of those hidden fabric stores with some of my new found spare change.

fabrics from
Fabrics from

One place I have been oogling online is Reprodepot. This online fabric shop carries vintage reproductions, retro patterns and japanese imports.  Their fabrics range from a historically accurate reproduction of a 19th century Williamsburg Damask, to bold Marimekko screen prints.  The children’s fabrics are precious and witty. When I finally get to decorate a baby room, I will be going to town on their extensive selection.

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  1. Besides the family stash in the attic in Mountain Top, I also fell in love with Alexander Henry fabrics. I found a little place in New Jersey, J & O that had one from a previous season I was looking for to re-line a vintage peacoat. I never thought I’d buy fabric online because I’m so picky about the hand, but it worked out really well.

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