finished quilts

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Finished Quilts:


Spiral Geese Mini Quilt

photo 3

Studio Stash Star Quilt


Vintage Sheet Quilt

disappearing 9-patch quilt

Modern Scrappy 9-Patch Quilt


Scrappy Trip Around the World

Geese in the Forest, Twiddletails, Flying geese quilt

Geese in the Forest

Jaybird quilts unwind quilt



Dr. Seuss “Let’s Party!”

Scrappy Lone Star Quilt

Scrappy Lonestar Mini


Transportation Quilt

photo 2-2

Kona Quilt

TV Color Bars Quilt by Betz White from "We Love Color"

TV Quilt

circle of Geese New York Beauty

Over the Rainbow mini

Lone Star Quilt Tutorial

Scrappy Lone Star Quilt

 New Wave Quilt


Wonky Circle of Stars Quilt

Modified Bento Quilt

Fairytale Baby Quilt

 Garden Fence Baby Quilt

Hope Vally Circle Bee Quilt

 Hope Valley Triangle Bee Quilt


Modern Triangle Mini

 Fairytale Dresden Quilt

Christmas Bee Quilt

 Fussycut Rainbow Mini


 Little Red Riding Hood Mini

Katie Jump Rope Mini

 Airing out the Laundry Mini

Tiny Triangles Baby Quilt


 Wonky Nine Patch Quilt

 Vintage Mod Sampler Quilt

Mod Sampler Quilt

 Zoo Baby Quilt

Zoo Stroller Quilt

Stacked coins baby girl Quilt

Stacked Coins Baby Boy Quilt

15 thoughts on “finished quilts

  1. Hi- I love all your quilts. You’re so imaginitive and creative! Sorry if I’ve totally missed them, but do you ever publish patterns or tutorials?


  2. hi! cannot remember if i’ve already posted this or not, but you are extremely talented!! really beautiful work!! sincerely amazing! :)

  3. Hello, your quilts are lovely. Can you direct me to the pattern for Fat Quarterly Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt? thanks!!

  4. I fell in love with your curvy flying geese patterns. I made your spiral mini pattern and had a friend quilt it. I’d like to enter it in some contests, so would like to have your permission to do so.

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