Quiltcon: Conquering Curves Class

Conquering Curves Sampler

Quiltcon was last week and I think I’ll be recovering until March! It was four incredibly amazing and draining days of classes, lectures, quilts and community. I also had the opportunity to teach an introduction to curves class to a wonderful group of ladies.  I named the class “Conquering Curves” and each student worked on a mini sampler of 12″ blocks, beginning with gentle and tame molehills and finishing with hysteria-inducing clamshells.


I’ve taught many classes, but never 24 people at a time, so I was a bit nervous as to how I would juggle everyone and make sure they all received individual attention in a short, 3-hour, class.  Yes, 3 hours is short for a sewing class!  The time goes FAST.

Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts was my lovely assistant throughout the class.  She was a lifesaver and dealt with the set-up, class fees and prepping anything that I overlooked.  She also made sure I had dinner and a drink at 9pm when class ended.  Thank you Alyce!

I also want to thank Jeanne Delpit at Bernina.  She prepped all of the uber-fancy machines and made sure that everyone knew how to drive them.


Look at all of those curves!!  I was impressed that so many people brought special fabrics to use for their minis. They had a lot of faith that I wouldn’t steer them awry.

Seeing the blocks go up on the design boards made my heart happy. I love teaching quilters new skills and seeing their faces when they realize that they ARE smart enough, they ARE good enough and gosh darn-it, curves like them!


Even at 9pm, there were still smiles to be seen and no one ran screaming and crying from their sewing machine (though that would have made for a good story).


When creating a new class it can be hard to gauge just how far into the project your students will get during the time allotted. People sew at various speeds and abilities, so it was my hope that everyone would at least make it to the third block during class (which I believe they all did).  I threw the clamshell block in there as an extra challenge for anyone who was super-fast, or as homework. I was pleased to see that many of my students went right home and finished their blocks!



I had so much fun teaching at Quiltcon and now I’m sad that I decided to teach only one class.  I can’t wait for Quiltcon West in 2018!


7 thoughts on “Quiltcon: Conquering Curves Class

  1. Your class looks amazing! I hope you’ll be teaching in the LA area again sometime so that I can take it! Please email me if you are teaching anytime soon, or would be so kind as to show your work at our new Valley Modern Quilt Guild ( we meet the last Monday of each month in Van Nuys, CA)!

    VP California Valley Modern Quilt Guild

  2. My friends who took your class said it was great! They loved you, and your presentation, and their resulting blocks. Come back to California for more!

  3. Your class was so excellent! I had a very full workshop schedule and yours was my last. (I did 21 hours of classes in 3 days, including a 6-hour class before yours that day.) I was exhausted. But your thoughtful content and clear teaching was invigorating. I think you did such a great job keeping everyone moving at their own pace. I’m so pleased with what I learned. Thank you again!

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