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I came to the realization, as I was sewing at 11pm last night and still hadn’t written up the Sew Cute Tuesday post, that I just don’t have time for everything anymore (what, really?!). I need to either A. say no, or B. hand some things off.

I’ve had such a great time hosting Sew Cute Tuesday, but it’s been falling by the wayside because my family comes first, then my work (so I can help support my family), and THEN my blog.  I do want to keep active on the blog and post when I have new projects to show you, but the link up is the one thing on my weekly schedule that I can easily hand off.  It makes me sad, because the link-up has really started growing, but I think it will grow more with someone who can pay attention to it!

So, if anyone is interested in taking over Sew Cute Tuesday, please email me and I’ll give you all the details on doing it!

And I’m sorry to anyone who was hoping for a link-up this week.  If someone takes over, I’ll post where to find the next link-up and I’ll put a new button in my sidebar, so you don’t get lost!


20 thoughts on “Sew Cute Tuesday

  1. Hi Janice! Don’t worry – for the same reason I can’t offer to continue this great link party. Some days I have time and some weeks are just too busy. I’m always happy to visit your blog and see your exiting and beautiful works! Thank you for hosting the lovely party and I hope you find someone to continue. x Teje

  2. I totally understand. I feel lately like I barely have to read blogs and no time to comment. But I wanted to say thank you for doing it! I’d do Sew Cute Tuesday but no one reads my blog so it would be better if someone else did.

  3. I completely understand! My Needle and Thread Thursday posts have definitely sneaked up on me before, and visiting the links and commenting is fun, but time consuming. I’m looking forward to seeing who takes over for you!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. You are smart to know your limits…I respect you for that! I appreciate what you have done with “Sew Cute Tuesday” and giving me the opportunity to participate. Changes aren’t always easy, but they are fun!!!

  5. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done to host Sew Cute Tuesday. It’s been so fun and your blog is beautiful! It would be wonderful if this Linky Party continued to exist with your blog name, maybe hosted every month (for four weeks) by a different blog. Then you could just post the month’s link…

  6. I’d love to host this, but as a new blogger, I only have a dozen followers so far. Wish I could do something like this though! It looks like a ton of fun! If you have suggestions for how to grow my follower base, I’d be grateful. Thanks for hosting!

  7. I have so enjoyed your linkys but totally “get it”!! The last month (especially) is so busy….I’m not sure what happened to make it so!! I guess I said ‘yes’ too many times for this time period. All fun things but way too much!! Look forward to your “personal” postings in the future…….hugs……

  8. I too am only a small blog, so I don’t think my site could do SCT any justice – I’m not even in a bee for fear of letting someone down – lol. You’ve been a wonderful host and I look forward to seeing the lovely projects you continue to create 🙂

  9. I can totally relate…I hardly have time to sew, let alone read blogs. I will miss being able to pop over here on the rare occasion I do sew something. I’ve appreciated the link up and if someone else takes over, I’d love to pop over to their blog too! Best wishes!

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  11. Janice, many thanks for the wonderful Sew Cute Tuesday linkup. I absolutely understand your point. I think a lot of us have the same problem and sometimes we must make decisions we do not really like. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to see more of your new projects!

  12. Thank you for hosting Sew Cute Tuesdays for sew long, Janice. You have done an incredible job and are an inspiration to us all. I would consider hosting this link up. Please feel free to send me an email.

  13. I was interested in hosting Sew Cute Tuesday when it went up previously, so I’d love to be considered to host it in your stead! You’ve been a great host!

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