Vintage Sheet Swap on Flickr

I often get asked where I got my amazing collection of vintage sheets for this quilt (which is almost finished after 3 years in the making, by the way):

and for this quilt:



Some of the vintage sheets were thrifted at various stores around Los Angeles and Sonoma County, but I received most of them from the Vintage Sheet Patchwork Swap on Flickr back in 2010.  To participate in the swap, I bought a few vintage sheets, cut them into fat quarters (I ended up with 80 FQ’s from 10 sheets) and mailed them to the swap organizer.  She divvied them all out and I was mailed 80 different FQ’s back!

Here are the sheets I mailed out:

And here is the yummy box of vintage sheets I received (my son was certainly impressed!):

I am telling you all this because Round 9 of the Vintage Patchwork Sheet Swap is going on now!  You can sign up here and FQ’s are due in the mail by Feb 28th, so you still have plenty of time to thrift, cut and mail!  You can mail between 5-80 Fat Quarters, so don’t feel the need to find more than one sheet, if you don’t have time.  If you like vintage sheets, this swap is a must to fill out your stash.


4 thoughts on “Vintage Sheet Swap on Flickr

  1. Wow those quilts are delicious, such brilliant fabrics. I have watched the swaps in envy and just organised the UK swap – I now have even more awesome vintage sheet FQs (must get on and sew with them!)

  2. Your choice of quilting patterns and stitching is so awesome! Love them! The finish is so much to my liking yet the “before” fq’s didn’t “speak” to me at all. Lovely….hugs, Doreen

  3. I did this swap the same year. I got some really amazing olive green and bright combos, as well as your black, white & olive green in the lower left corner of the before shot, that I never would have bought on my own, but they are going to be awesome together. And I just cut into mine last year for the first time for our bee, so I understand taking a while (a few years) to find the right projects!

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