Sew Cute Tuesday

I am happy to announce that I will be hosting Sew Cute Tuesday on my blog beginning January 8th!  Misty at Creative Itch began Sew Cute Tuesday several years ago, but due to non-bloggy obligations (exciting, happy ones!), she has handed hosting over to me.

If you have not yet participated in a linky party, it’s a great way to share what you have been working on over the past week, gain inspiration from other sewers and make new friends.  Each Tuesday, I’ll feature projects from the prior link-up that caught my eye.  I’m really excited to host and see what everyone is creating!

Misty’s final link up is here.  If you are visiting from her blog, welcome and please take a look around! If you are a current subscriber, I encourage you to participate  each week! You will be allowed to link up any blog post from the past week that is sewing-related (sewing, knitting, crochet…)

See you all on January 8th!

8 thoughts on “Sew Cute Tuesday

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    Abraços bem Abraçados.

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