Elf on the Shelf, DIY style.

Let the Christmas season begin!

DIY Elf on the Shelf

I never thought I would own an Elf on the Shelf, but the way my days have been going lately, I am willing to try anything to get my 3-year-old hellion to behave a little better.  I am a cheapskate and refuse to pay $30 for the somewhat-creepy commercial elf, so I whipped this one up for $5.44 with supplies from Joann’s (doll head, pipe cleaners and red and white felt).  I could have spent less, but I didn’t have an active coupon on my Joann’s phone app.

Just don’t expect to see any super elaborate Elf ideas here.  I’ll be lucky if I remember to move her each night!


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13 Responses to Elf on the Shelf, DIY style.

  1. I’ll be honest, that is slightly disturbing, is it to scare your little one into being good?? You remember the 80’s, so I know you’ll get a Chucky reference!! ; ) But seriously, Elf on a Shelf, is that some kind of American tradition??

  2. I love it! Her hair is so cute, very retro!! I made a gnome and I’m telling you it works 😉

  3. Ha Ha, Great idea to make your own! Hope it works !

  4. Your little girl elf is way cuter than ours! We have the mass produced one, but it was a gift, otherwise he probably wouldn’t live here. What a great idea to make your own!

  5. That is awesome! I love seeing it in your it feed!

  6. This is the best elf I’ve seen! I like the concept of elf on the shelf but there is no way I’m paying $30 for one. Plus yours is so much nicer. I see some big money on etsy next year for these. I’ve already pinned this in pinterest. Awesome job again!

  7. Do you have details on how you did everything?

  8. Wow she is beautiful and so glad someone thought that a female elf is ok to have

  9. I love this elf! I might even try to make one myself. Great job!

  10. LOVE your elf. So much more personality that the mass produced ones! I know its been a while but would you share a pattern/tutorial? I’d love to introduce an elf to our family this year.

  11. Your elf is adorable! I didn’t know that I was a pioneer, but I made an elf in 1966 after my first child was born. I used it for all 3 of my children, and we have had a great time with him/her. One of our rules was that the elf could not be touched. Now that my children are grown with children of their own, they also have an elf that I made for them. I have also heard many funny stories about what happened when they were young. For instance, the elf fell and my youngest tried to figure out how to get him/her back where it was without touching it.

  12. I love the cute elf you made. I’ve had no luck finding the head.
    To the lady that made one in 1966, please post a pic. :)

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