Mini fieldtrip to Sew Modern

I forgot to take photos, so I totally stole this from the Sew Modern website.

I was finally able to live out a dream today.  Now that I live in LA, I got to visit Sew Modern.  It was a modern quilter’s paradise and if you are ever in the LA area, you must stop in!  I audibly gasped and very nearly fainted when I walked in the door. Inside, it holds all the modern, designer, fabrics that I could only oogle online when I lived in NorCal.

(As a disclaimer: this is REALLY how I feel.  Just like all my blog posts, I was not compensated or even asked to write this.  I like to keep it real, that way!)

sew modern long arm machine

I am going to be ALL OVER the longarm machine in the back of the shop.  You can rent it hourly, or take a class (yes, please!).

Photo from Jaybird Quilts.

They also have great classes and guest instructors.  Look, it’s Julie Herman and Anna Maria Horner!  I can’t wait to actually get to meet some modern quilting rockstars.

I’m on a total fabric freeze right now, but I couldn’t drive the whole way there without buying SOMETHING, right?  I honestly could have taken a yard of each fabric in the store, but I decided to focus on text prints.  I’ve had a major obsession with them lately, so this pretty little stack quenched my fabric thirst.  I also picked up the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag pattern for a future project and some Best Press, so I could see what all the hubbub is about.

Thankfully, Sew Modern is still quite a drive for me, so that may help my purse a bit.  The LAMQG meets there each month, so I know I’ll be back often!


3 thoughts on “Mini fieldtrip to Sew Modern

  1. Should I say thankfully it’s totally too far for me! How you can ever choose what to buy when having so much gorgeus fabric front of you! I’m really happy for you to be able to visit there! x Teje (from Greece)

  2. That looks phenomenal, i could only dream of that, unfortunately they seem to be rare to non-existant in the UK, as there are loads of traditional quilt shops, boo hoo! Love those texty prints, i think you were quite restrained under the circumstances!!! Ange x

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