Softly Against Black

Yes, I’m still here packing, and packing. I found the best little diversion though!

Stitched in Color is hosting a contest sponsored by Fresh Modern Fabric.  The theme is “Softly Against Black”.  You can enter by creating a mosaic of 12 fabrics from Fresh Modern Fabric’s etsy store that best represents “Softly Against Black” to you.   I decided to choose vibrant, yet slightly softened colors against black and charcoal.

softly against black mosaic

I do have a method behind my madness.  When I am selecting fabrics for a project, I like to choose a nice mix of geometric patterns (like the notebook fabric and triangles) and organic patterns (like the flowers and feathers) matched with a  few solids to give your eyes somewhere to rest.

You have until September 20th to enter.  Head on over to Stitched in Color for more details.  If you decide not to enter, then consider voting for my mosaic;)

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