Christmas Wrap-up: Pt 1

I was suddenly hit with a burst of creativity 10 days before Christmas. It certainly WASN’T because I am finally getting sleep…I’m not.  Whatever it was got me to finish the Christmas quilt I started in 2010 and I also managed to make Christmas stockings for both kiddos.

Here is the Christmas quilt in all it’s glory:

The blocks were made by my Fresh Modern Bee gals and what a talented group they are!


On a side note, I’m very excited because I just signed up for a photography class! I’ve been meaning to take one for years and finally found one that fits into my schedule. It’s frustrating that I barely know how to use my camera and can’t capture aesthetically appealing photos of my work (or of my kids).  I’m a sucker for quilting blogs with luscious quilty porn and I’m hoping I can bring a little bit of that to Sewgirly! this year.


Back to the quilt:

I did a simple all-white back, accented with a single off-set scrappy strip.

I fretted and contemplated over how to quilt the top for months and then decided to just do a meander.  It doesn’t distract from the design and I always love how crinkly it makes the quilt.

The best part of making a quilt: seeing it enjoyed by someone else.

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