Book of Liam

I had an image of a fabric tag book for Liam swimming around in my head, so I had to make it so (or is that “sew”?).

I was able to utilize some of the stitches on my brand spankin’ new sewing machine. I have always thought all I needed was a straight stitch and a zig-zag, but I am loving all the fancy stitches!

Liam really seems to enjoy the book when he actually decides to sit still for a minute.  He LOVES all books, but he also tends to chew them apart, so he has to be supervised with paper or board books.  This gives him a chance to have a book he can play with and turn the pages all by himself.

I tried to use as many different textures as I could find in my fabric stash. I also put plastic baggie material inside the front and back cover for some noise.  Liam’s favorite things right now are ziplock sandwich bags.

Each page features a letter in his first name.  Luckily his name is only 4 letters, so there aren’t many pages to make!

“L” is for Ladybugs, Lobsters and…..


“I” is for Ice Cream and Inch worm.

“A” is for Airplane, Apple, and Alien.

“M” is for Mouse, Monkey and Moon.

The End.

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