Blog Slacker

Ooops, I totally missed Oneday Monday and blogging all week.

I’ve been busy.

Doing this:

So I could make all of this:

for this little guy:

He seriously eats SO much better than his mom and dad.

I’ve also been working on this:

I’ve been working on my family tree, along with my sister, for about 20 years now, off and on.  I tend to work on it for a week or so and then hit a brick wall and put everything away for a year. When I come back, there is often new information. It all started when I pulled a box of old family photos dating back to the 1800’s out of my grandfather’s attic when I was 14.

This time, I was re-inspired by the TV show “Who Do You Think You Are“.

My family dates back to New England of the 1600’s, but I don’t have the luxury of traveling back East to check for old records at the libraries, cemeteries and courthouses, so I have to do everything by mail, or on the internet. Thank God for the internet!

The flying geese quilt is slowly, oh so slowly, coming along.  Hopefully I can post updates soon!

5 thoughts on “Blog Slacker

  1. what do you use for the family tree software? i talk about doing this every holiday i am back with my family, but never get further than lists on paper. (it doesn’t help that my family came here from Italy in 1950, so basically *everything* is far-away and foreign.)

  2. Ahh, memories! Three years ago, I too was making baby food every weekend! One trick I learned? Silicone mini muffin pan – each “muffin” is exactly 1 ounce and they pop right out and fit into containers great!

  3. Happy First Mother’s Day, Janice! We made the baby food, too! It was pretty gratifying to have that freezer full of options. Liam will like more veggies and be a better eater than most other kids because he is getting different stuff early on. Good job, Mommy!

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