My New Digs

I got ahead of myself posting the Bee Blocks. Before I did them I had to unpack my sewing room.  As I mentioned before, we leased out our home in LA and we are living in a rental house in Petaluma.  The room that I am using for sewing came with wall to wall shelves, so I decided to utilize them and stack all my fabrics out in the open for easy access and inspiration.

My vintage linen collection is on the left wall as you enter the room.

Fat quarters on the bottom, sheets and larger pieces in the middle and pillowcases and geometric prints are on the top.  I must note that I had to do all of this quickly and follow my instincts.  When you have a 7 month old, you have very little time to plan anything out.  I would love to go back and organize by color.

Newer fabrics are on the right wall and organized by color, designer, or theme.

Again, this was all done very quickly, or I would probably spend hours angsting over where to place a particular fabric.

Mmmm, Denyse Schmidt…I haven’t even even taken my “Hope Valley” fabric out of the shrink wrap yet. It’s a wonder I ever cut into any of my fabrics.

Gotta have dots!  I am collecting them for an eventual “Dot” quilt.  Sometimes I think I have more fun planning quilts and finding fabrics than actually making the quilt.

Here is the view from the doorway:

There isn’t much of a view out that particular window, but at least I’m not staring at a blank wall! We left behind the large wood tables that were up in my old sewing loft, so I eventually want to purchase a new sewing table.  That darn card table bounces with every stitch my machine makes.  I’m looking into purchasing a Sewezi table.  I like that my sewing machine would be flush with the table and it is also very portable.  I may not always have a sewing room, so I want a table that can go anywhere.   The reviews I have found online are great.

The two wooden racks of thread are going to be hung under the shelves by the window.  I also may purchase a  new machine at some point.  The movers dropped mine, but it had already seen better days.  It sews like a workhorse, but it is VERY slow for some reason.  I am at least going to take it for a tune-up this week.

And lastly, here is my little friend who likes to help me with all my projects:

7 thoughts on “My New Digs

  1. Oh so wonderful! Your stash is incredible and I love the way you’ve organized it (and with space in between each stack). I like seeing my stuff, too – I think more of it gets used that way, anyway.

  2. The room looks great! Even if it’s not organized the exact way you’d like, at least everything is on display. That must make it much easier. I know I forget what I have if things aren’t out like that.

    Have you tried weighting down the legs of the table? That might add some stability until you’re able to get something more permanent.

  3. Looks great – and what a sweet babe! Remarkable to get so much done with a wee one packing along – congratulations! Can’t wait to see what comes our way(s) from the swap.

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