Monday Update

I’ve been a little stressed about finding great sheets for the massive vintage sheet swap going on over on Flickr.  I had to take a few boxes of items to Goodwill today, so I decided to drive up to the one in Santa Rosa and I think I hit the mother load!  I found some great prints and the sheets were HUGE.  Most of these are going to get cut into fat quarters and sent off for the swap.

The dogwood flowers with the yellow background is my favorite. I am always really excited when I find sheets with something other than a white background.

I also love the border and scalloped lace on the sheets on the left. I almost hate to cut into it (but I will!)

The one on the right is only is only a pillowcase and I normally don’t like the brown sheets, but it is the EXACT same pattern as a pillowcase I purchased last week at a different thrift store, so I couldn’t resist.


Now that the house is mostly unpacked, (well the necessities, anyways) I need to tackle my biggest project: The Sewing Room.

Here’s what I have to work with:

The house is a rental while we attempt to sell our house in LA and all the shelves were already on the walls.  I don’t have a ton of fabric, like some quilters, but I was thinking of organizing it by color and just stacking it on the shelves.  I am participating in a couple of quilting bees, so it might be nice to have everything easily accessible.   If we are here for awhile, I could eventually put it in containers to avoid dust. Sadly, I don’t even own a sewing table, since I used the large wooden tables that came with the loft in our old house.  I am trying to decide if I want a simple table, or something more like a cabinet.

Any thoughts on how you would organize the sewing room, or what kind of table/cabinet you would get?

So far I am loving Petaluma (though it seems to rain everyday and I have absolutely no friends up here).  We celebrated Easter by going to our new church and taking Liam to an Easter Egg hunt.  Next year he will actually get to participate!

3 thoughts on “Monday Update

  1. You really did score. I just joined that second swap today…..actually, it’ll be my third this year. I have 10 pieces due to Minnesota (I think) by April 15th. I thought I was doing great until I saw this post of yours…which reminds me that I could post about this type of thing on *my own blog*!!! I finally did it! And you are my big inspiration. Now if only I could figure out how to get all those button icons for the swaps/bee/guilds etc on the sidebar….did you do that yourself? (yes, you will recognize the theme at The Occasional Pin…)

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