Coveted Blue and Green dots

I decided to check out the quilt shop in Petaluma today and when I walked in I found this staring me in the face:

The coveted Katie Jump Rope blue and green dots!

I am not normally a hoarder, but needless to say, I bought ALL of it (slightly over 4 yards). I am trying to decide if I want to:

•be indulgent and back my future Katie Jump Rope quilt with it

•sell some of it on ebay to finance my fabric obsession.

•place it on a shelf in my sewing room and just touch it each day.

I’ll probably have to do the second one, because jobs for costumers are scarce up here in Sonoma County, so it may be my only income for awhile. I did apply for a job, but if that doesn’t work out, then I have no alternatives.

Update: I decided to try to swap it for Flea Market Fancy fabric.  Link to my swap is Here

I also checked out a few thrift stores and I found these pillowcases:

I also found this Everett Piano for $200 (which I did not buy):

I have really been wanting a piano for years and I love that this one is smaller.  It would look beautiful refinished in a rich dark stain.

If you are interested, there is ANOTHER vintage sheet swap going on here. It is limited to the first 100 people who sign up and you can mail up to 80 fat quarters.  Should be a BIG one!

4 thoughts on “Coveted Blue and Green dots

  1. Yea on the lucky KJR find! I found some KJR green basketweave and those blue/green dots and I did the same thing… snatched it all up! I’m tempted to trade it away for Flea Market Fancy, but I’m still hoarding it for now. I understand your dilemma!

  2. Ooh wow!! I love that fern/green butterfly. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a full one of those?! I always wonder why people don’t donate entire sets at once. Tack that on my never-ending list of vintage sheets I hope to find someday!

  3. Good scores, lady! I was wondering if you had seen that new swap too…I am actually doing another one that is 10 rectangles at 15×30 inches…..odd, but I signed up before I realized that it wasn’t the standard FQ swap. Still, it’s a useful size piece. And I totally scored at the Glendale Adventist thrift store 2 days ago – 4 print sheets, 2 solids, 3 pillowcases. So I have enough to do both swaps (although don’t you think the PayPal fee thing is odd?)

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