It’s NOT white…it’s ivory.  I got impatient and I ended up using a Kona cotton that I already had for the solid (is it still referred to as sashing in this case?)  Baby steps…tiny baby steps.

This is my first time making half square triangles.  I didn’t realize how versatile they are and I really have no idea how I am going to lay them out.  I can’t wait to play with them!

2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. I’m so glad to see that you have jumped right in!! Hopefully you will enjoy making the HST squares more than I did. It was fun for the first 20 or so..then it just became a curse that I had to finish since I cut into all my precious dots!! I’m almost done quilting it, and I do have to say that it was worth all the agony. Are you planning on coming to the next weekend sew??

  2. It’s funny, because I saw your beautiful dot quilt and then went home and made the half square triangles and didn’t realize that was what your quilt was until I saw your photo. It must have been subliminal! Luckily I am just doing a stroller quilt this time, so it was only 80 in all (40 really). I ordered 19 different dots last week, so I am going to do a full-on dot quilt at some point soon, but I am not sure what style yet. I may do the Geese in the Forest pattern, so I’ll probably be kicking myself.
    I am moving to Northern California on Saturday, so I won’t be around anymore. I really wish I could go. It looked like SO much fun!

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