I Spy Quilts

I recently came across the idea of I-Spy Quilts when I was reading Megan and Bethany’s Blogs (the are both part of the Vintage Sheet Sewing Bee). I have to say that this is such a cute and witty way to use novelty prints. I checked out the I-Spy Quilt Pool on Flickr and some of these quilts are AMAZING!

Below are three of my favorites:

I love how “Mel Sews” arranged the prints into a rainbow to make order out of what could have been chaos. This quilt is huge and I am sure it provides the child who sleeps under it tons of entertainment when they can’t sleep.  This is a great way to keep your kid in bed!

I love that this one by Krommama also has the child’s name.  The lettering and the little houses are adorable.

This Wonky House I-Spy Quilt is also by Krommama and it is making me crazy!!  I MUST make one.  I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of the classic novelty prints featured in i-spy quilts, but this quilt makes them absolutely modern and fresh.  I am now thinking I may make this my quilt block for “Bee Happy“.  I have a year to collect the perfect prints and it would be done when Liam is about 1 1/2, which would be perfect.  If I try to do it myself it will go on my never ending pile of quilt ideas.

Now I have MORE fabric to collect…weeee!

3 thoughts on “I Spy Quilts

  1. I LOVE the wonky houses with I-Spies in them! I would love to make one of those – if I hadn’t already decided on the I-Spy wonky star quilt. Maybe I’ll do houses later on!

  2. Ha, I spied that rainbow I-spy quilt on Flickr a while ago, it’s now one of my favorites, and I have never really seen an I-spy quilt I liked either! (I would be happy to make you a little house block like that for our bee, however.)

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