Katie Jump Rope

I have a problem.  When I like a designer’s fabric line I want it all of it!  I have never been one to use an entire collection in a single quilt.  I really like to mix and match my fabrics, but there is something satisfying about owning a complete set.  This brings me to Denyse Schmidt’s “Katie Jump Rope”.  I really like it, I have for awhile, and I totally missed out on “Flea Market Fancy”.  I finally decided I would attempt to collect the entire “Katie Jump Rope” line before it is nowhere to be had.  It’s been quite a hunting game online.  A lot from Etsy, and a little from Ebay.

Here is what I am still looking for:

I REALLY want those ribbons and dots.  I haven’t seen them anywhere.  Probably because they are so yummy.  I found the other three prints at various online stores, but not for the price (with shipping) that I am willing to pay for them.  The shipping really adds up when you are buying only one tiny item here and there.

Anyone know where I can find the ribbons and the dots?  Help me with my obsession!

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  1. I too am obsessed with the KJR line and I’m only missing two fabrics. I want to make a king sized quilt for my bed using this collection.

    The green basketweave and the green/blue dots are impossible to find and are the ones I’m missing. I’ve bought the vast majority of mine on Etsy, but Cia’s Palette has two of the prints you are looking for: http://www.ciaspalette.com/categories/designer.html. Good luck! I’d love to hear if you find any of the green basketweave or the green/blue dots!

  2. Thanks so much, Melanie! I ordered a half yard of each. That is annoying about the green basketweave and green/blue dots. I’ll keep searching and I’ll tell you if I find any. The yellow dots are on ebay right now, so I am keeping my eye on it.

  3. I have a fat quater of the orange and black stripes and dots that I would trade you. I have a little of the rest of them (I did the single girl quilt) and a little of the coveted green/blue dots that I am saving for a rainy day. Let me know if you want to do a swap. I am going to be at the sew Sunday and can bring them.

  4. Sure, Leslie! What kind of stuff are you looking for to swap? I can include some of that FMF I just got, if you like (pictured in my newest post).

  5. I have a lot of the Katie Jump Rope fabrics and just bought 3 1/2 yards of the blue floral fabric D1677-260. I am going to make the Single Girl quilt. I just measured and I have (D1672-130) almost 3 yards of the orange and red polka dot fabric. I have way more than the 1/4 yard of each fabric that is called for in the pattern. I am so glad now that I went a bit bonkers when I first saw this fabric and bought either a 1/2 yard of each or several yards of the ones that I liked the most. I do need D1674-130 this is the turq, black, and brown plaid and also D1674-418 the navy, green, grey plaid. I also need D1672-418 the blue, green,and mint green polka dot fabric. I am willing to trade equal amounts for equal amounts of fabric. I am glad that this quilt wasn’t made out of Heather Ross fabrics as her fabrics easily double in price after they are sold out. I only wish I would of bought the gnome fabric and volkswagon van fabric when I saw them. I have learned a lesson as far as Heather Ross is concerned.

  6. Any chance Kate Martin or yourself have some extra D1672-130 to spare?? I’ve been looking high and low and would love some of this to complete my collection.

    Have you found the others you were looking for yet? I could trade for some green basketweave…

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