Lets swap some more sheets!!

the stash
Creative Commons License photo credit: Amanda *Bake It Pretty*

Why am I a sucker for vintage sheets??  I really think they just remind me of my childhood, plus the prints are so yummy.

Shari over at “Sew Make Time” is doing a Vintage Sheet Swap.  It is based around a blanket from Amanda Blake Soule’s book “Homemade Home” (which I will need to check out!), so the pieces required for the swap need to be 15″x30″.  That’s easy! Sheets are HUGE!

I’m excited to see what I get back this time.  Deadline for the swap is April 15th.  Leave a post on Shari’s blog and she will email you with the info.

I’ll post what I received from my last swap as soon as I take photos.  I already cut into some of it!

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