Are You Kidding Me??

Ugh.  Can you see my very blatant error?  This is what I get for quilting with a five month backlog of sleep deprivation.  I made crazy 9-patch blocks with eight fabrics. ARGH!  I realized it as I was getting ready to sew the final seam.  I have 18 more blocks to make with 18 more fabrics, so I think once it is together and quilted, it really won’t be noticeable. Oh well, no way to fix it now.

It still felt great to sew again!  I’m following this tutorial at Oh Fransson!

4 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me??

  1. Good! It isn’t as noticeable as I feel it is!. Each square has one fabric that was used twice There should be 9 different fabrics in each square, but there are only 8.

  2. I’ve done a crazy 9 patch with only 5 different fabric prints/solids. It can work with less than 9. Yours looks great and I wouldn’t have noticed either!

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