My Newest Fabric Obsession

I want this “Have a Sheri Berry Holiday” fabric  SO badly that I think I look at it online 5 times a day!  I love the retro prints and pastel colors for Christmas.   I had to swear off fabric purchasing for awhile, since I am not working and I have several projects lined up already…BUT it’s ONLY $20 for 2 Moda coin packs…..argh…  It would make a really cute Christmas Stacked coin quilt.  Must resist…. (This is all said in a whiny voice, of course).




2 thoughts on “My Newest Fabric Obsession

  1. I bought a “layer cake” (the quilt store had made it, not Moda) of the entire line…I just sewed them yesterday for a quilt top, and LOVE it. I wasn’t going to buy any Christmas fabric this year cause I still have some Merry + Bright left, but the Sheri Berry fabric is just so fun I think I need more! I say give in and buy the coin packs, you wont regret it!

    ps. Of course you will have to buy a couple yards for the back, and a couple cause you wont get the whole picture for some of the prints from a coin pack, and….

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