Spool Bird Mobile, Take 2!

Oh gosh, I FINALLY finished the bird mobile for my friend (her baby is a month old…eeek!).  Between not being motivated due to the heat and balancing issues with the branches, it has taken me WAY too long. I really thought this one would go faster, since I had already made a mobile, but it didn’t! As I said in a comment I left about my own bird mobile, it really IS a labor of love to string these little birdies up and balance them.  I think if I were making more of them, I would find a much quicker method of hanging them that requires less brain power and trial and error, though the finished outcome is totally worth it!

I used a mix of new fabrics, fabrics I have collected over the years and vintage scraps that I discussed here.  I didn’t have a great place to take photos of the mobile, since it isn’t going to be hung from my own ceiling, but you can get the idea:






4 thoughts on “Spool Bird Mobile, Take 2!

  1. Oh course it is fine! I’ll bring it over Friday when ever you you like. Christian can probably get better photos than I did:)

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