Sewing with Fabric Scraps

After blogging about the vintage fabric scraps I purchased yesterday, I found a few clever projects that other crafters have made completely from fabric scraps. You can use new scraps, but I love vintage scraps, because the prints are so yummy and I feel like each piece tells a story.

Below are some of my favorite projects and several have links to a tutorial:


Colorful fabric covered Thumbtacks from Jessica Jones of How About Orange…


Playful hand-sewn Bird Mobile from Spool.

 Click on the link for more photos and a downloadable bird pattern!

Colorful Fabric Ball Necklace from Cut Out + Keep.


Fast & fun, these Fabric Balls would look beautiful hung on a tree, piled in a bowl, or as cute toy.

These were designed by Tanya Whelan of Grand Revival.  A free pattern is on her website.


This Playful Fabric Pear by Etsy seller Retromama would make a fun kitchen decoration, or act as a pincushion for the stylish seamstress.


There is a never ending selection of fun, playful projects you can make with your fabric scraps. I love that each bird, ball, or necklace will be unique, too, since you can mix and match your scraps!


5 thoughts on “Sewing with Fabric Scraps

  1. isn’t that cute! I am blogging a bird mobile today that I am making out of felted wool! It should be cute. I’ll have the try the fabric one next.

  2. sure thing! Maybe you can find sticks in your yard and we can pick out cute fabric that matches the room! It would be fun!

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