Vintage Sewing Pattern Art

Being a bit of a romantic and a sucker for period costumes, I ADORE vintage sewing patterns.  I worked at a theatre that had boxes and boxes of old patterns and I loved going through them and thinking about all the wonderful outfits created from them.  

I found a few artists who have taken vintage sewing pattern art a step further and immoralized them each in their own unique way:


Collage on vintage pattern paper by Karen Ross Smith of Junk in my Trunk.  Karen specializes in making beautiful and kitchy jewelry from vintage buttons, but I also found these fun colleges on her site.


“Heart Bombs”: a digital collage by Kelly Price-Colston of Paper Ballet.


Embroidered collage by Gina Bailey of doe-c-doe


 All of the talented ladies featured also have Etsy stores, so check them out!



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