Lens Crafter

I saw this easy DIY project by K.B. VanHorn in Craftzine and the results are so adorable that it makes me insane! You can make pins, barrettes, pendants, or whatever your crafty little mind can think up from your old glasses. 

Being a child of the 80’s, I had some uber-trendy, oversized, plastic-rimmed glasses in junior high and when I think about them I shutter. I will spare you a photo. Hey! Giant, oddly-shaped glasses were the style!  Now they sit in my old bedroom nightstand broken and lonely.  This is the perfect way to redeem those old glasses and let them have a little dignity again.  It is killing me that my glasses are 3000 miles away.  I am going to have to hit my local thrift store in search of some discarded lenses. 

K.B.’s tutorial is located here and she was also featured in the last issue of Craft magazine.  I am hitting the thrift store tomorrow!

One thought on “Lens Crafter

  1. I need to wrack my brain for details, but I swear, I remember making one of these in Girl Scouts for our mother (with a pin backing), back in the 70’s.

    And, yes, *I also have some glasses around.

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